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Microsoft Gives You $100 To Ditch That Old Playstation

I found it funny this morning when I opened my email I found a good one from Microsoft offering $100 to trade in a PS3.

January 30, 2014 Xbox One
2374308-telltales_the_walking_dead_game_banner_1_ 2 The Walking Dead: Season 1 Review Overall Score

The Walking Dead: Season 1 Review

Game: The Walking Dead: Season 1 Genre: Adventure Systems: PS3, PC, Xbox 360 The topic of zombies is always a popular one, more so in

December 18, 2012 PlayStation 3, Reviews
dishonored_game-TQ 1 Dishonored Review Overall Score

Dishonored Review

Game: Dishonored Genre: Stealth Systems: PS3, PC, Xbox 360 Original IPs are always a gamble.  They are uncertain, a chance for failure or success; however,

December 05, 2012 PC, PlayStation, Reviews, Reviews, Reviews, Xbox
121031071447_clan-of-champions-art 0 Clan of Champions Review Overall Score

Clan of Champions Review

Game: Clan of Champions Genre: Action Systems: PS3, PC, Xbox 360 Clan of Champions is a new endeavor from NIS America.  It came to Japan

November 27, 2012 PlayStation 3, Reviews, Reviews, Xbox 360

New God of War Game Leaked Trailer and More

Amazon has f’d up. Today Amazon ruined Sony’s April 19th unveil by pre-maturely posting God of War: Ascension for the PlayStation 3. Amazon has since

April 18, 2012 PlayStation, PlayStation 3
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PlayStation Store Update (3-20-2012) Last Of Us Theme, Rayman 3 HD, And Much More

This week the PlayStation Store delivers a few nice things that may interest you.  First off, Rayman 3 HD is now available, a few nice PS3 dynamic

March 20, 2012 PlayStation, PSN

Konami’s Month Of Horror Officially Begins

Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. today announced that players can continue to piece together the Silent Hill mystery with Silent Hill Downpour, the most expansive and

March 13, 2012 PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
PSNUpdate-TQ 0

PlayStation Store Update (2-21-2012) PS Vita and SSX!

It’s the official PlayStation Vita launch week and Sony has put together quite an impressive game lineup for the Vita’s launch. Even though I will

February 21, 2012 PlayStation, PlayStation 3, PSN, Vita
PSN-Vita-TQ 0

PlayStation Store Update (1-15-2012) PS Vita is Here!

Who pre-ordered a PS Vita? Who pre-ordered the first edition Vita bundle and received their system today? Well, if you’re one of the gamers who

February 15, 2012 PlayStation, PlayStation 3, PSN, Vita
PSNUpdate-TQ 0

PlayStation Store Update (1-31-2012) Twisted Metal Demo and More…

Here is this week’s PSN update. Leading off this week is none other than the much anticipated, Twisted Metal Demo. On a surprising note, Madden

January 31, 2012 PlayStation, PlayStation 3, PSN

New Game Releases For The Week Of Monday, Jan 23 2012

This week has got to be the absolute worst week in gaming history. Nothing being released this week looks remotely appealing. However, fans of Assassin’s

January 23, 2012 Nintendo, PC, PlayStation, Xbox

Unlock or Delete: Final Fantasy XIII-2 Demo (PS3)

It has been a week since the Final Fantasy XIII-2 demo dropped and if you’re a fan like me then you already played it, but for

January 19, 2012 PlayStation 3, PSN, Xbox 360
MC1_TQ 1

MadCatz Announces Switchblade Wireless PS3 Headset

Today, MadCatz Interactive announced the SwitchBlade Wireless Headset, expected to ship worldwide in Spring 2012. Featuring Bluetooth technology, the new headset is for use with

January 12, 2012 PlayStation, PlayStation 3
Shank-2-TQ 0

New Shank 2 Gameplay Video

The first Shank game was a nice surprise full of action, fun, and lots of blood. So, what is expected from the second game? Well,

January 09, 2012 PC, PlayStation, Video, Xbox
Toyko-Jungle-TQ 1

What is Toyko Jungle? It’s a PS3 Exclusive, Coming in 2012

I had to post this before heading to bed. I couldn’t believe the shit that I just watched in the video below. Before you watch

December 24, 2011 PlayStation, PlayStation 3, Video
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Kojima’s Next Game is Open World – First Image

Hideo Kojima’s next game, codenamed Project Ogre, is open-world, according to a recent interview with

December 22, 2011 PlayStation, PlayStation 3, Xbox, Xbox 360
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PAYDAY: The Heist Now Available For PC

Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) today announced that its high-intensity, squad-based, first person shooter PAYDAY™ The Heist is now available via digital download for PC systems.

October 21, 2011 News, PC

Back to School Huge Video Game Sale

Save big on a huge list of video games across all platforms right now! Amazon is currently holding a back to school sale on a

September 05, 2011 mO DeAl$
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