Join The TQ Team – We’re Hiring


Are you a bright and capable writer who’s logged a lot of gaming hours? Do you want to turn your gamer lifestyle into a productive endeavor? Do you want bona fide work?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then TQ wants you! We need capable and talented people to develop and create content for TQ articles.  This is a compensating contributor position where you must have an excellent grasp of the English language, and be up on the latest gaming news and jargon. This isn’t a job where we’re constantly monitoring you; we need real self-motivated folks to help invigorate and create new and exciting content our community (that being you) wants to read. Working for TQCast offers great benefits: we provide you with the games for reviews, we attend big events like E3 and Comic Con, and we have a reward system in place for popular articles. We’re not here to scam you into working for us for free; we appreciate hard work and reward our team members for contributing time, effort, and skill into the website.

Open Writing Positions:

  • Gaming/Tech News and Reviews – Description: Gaming and tech news stories, previews, video game reviews, video game hardware reviews, tech gadget reviews, demo impressions, interviews. Must cover all gaming platforms. Must have access to most gaming platforms for video game reviews, preferably: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, PS Vita, Nintendo 3DS, Wii, Wii U, iOS, PSP, OnLive. We cover all platforms. (Current Positions Open1)
  • Gaming Originals – Description: Write original gaming or tech related content, video game or tech opinions, weekly series, and post videos. This job position allows you to be as creative as you can get with your gaming or tech content. You can cover any game or platform you wish to, however, always try to keep your content relevant, fun, and original. (Current Positions Open2)


  • Write engaging articles designed to entice and titillate readers
  • Promote TQ on various social media websites like Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, etc…
  • Attend weekly Skype meetings
  • Write reviews of video games and new technology


  • Must be 18 and over: We have adult content and we need people mature enough  to handle a job that’s self-motivated and self-regulated.
  • Have a fun attitude: TQ is a great place to work – it’s high energy with lots of quips – we need someone who vibes with our existing team and can crack a mean joke.
  • No hate: Keep your racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, etc… out. That kind of attitude and thinking will not be tolerated.
  • Video game/tech knowledge: You must know what you’re writing about.
  • Correct grammar and vocabulary: You must be a skillful writer with the ability to tailor your writing towards our target audience. Self-editing is mandatory.
  • Professionalism.


Here at TQ we have a reward system set up that we believe caters to your gamer or tech lifestyle. For each article you write that makes it onto one of the “Hot News” slots during peak hours, you get points (which is why you need to promote the website and your articles). However many points you accumulate per month, you receive the corresponding reward. Here’s how it breaks down:

Point values for each “Hot News” spot:
1st – 100
2nd – 60
3rd – 40
4th – 30
5th – 20

At the end of each month we’ll tally everyone’s points, and these are the rewards associated with each point range:
500-1000: $10 Amazon Gift Card
1001-1600: $20 Amazon Gift Card
1601-2200: $30 Amazon Gift Card
2201-2900: $40 Amazon Gift Card
2901-3100: $75 Amazon Gift card

*You can write as much as you like, however, keep in mind that only your highest ranked story per day will get you the points.

If you do not use your points at the end of each month they expire, no point hoarding!

If this sounds like a job you want, please submit your resume and a link to a published piece of writing under your name (if it’s under a screen name we will be verifying identities). If you don’t have any writing experience that’s ok! Just pick a topic, write an article, and send it to us. Serious inquiries only. E-mail to apply or for more information.