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Sexy Zelda Tattoo Covers Woman’s Back

Take a look at this thing of beauty. Forever Tattoo Parlour did an incredible job with this Zelda ink piece. It also doesn’t hurt that

March 20, 2014 Fashion, TQ Lifestyle
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The Best Looking Star Wars Sweater Around

Here’s the best looking Star Wars piece of clothing around. A sweater that will keep your geeky self warm in style! The sweaters are currently

November 18, 2013 Fashion, TQ Lifestyle
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Sexiest Nathan Drake Cosplay is a Girl! (Images)

There is no doubt that the Uncharted series lead man, Nathan Drake is one sexy stud, but the Uncharted universe has just gotten a whole

June 21, 2013 Fashion, PlayStation, TQ Lifestyle
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Late Night Gamer: Pee-Wee Herman Bicycle Skinsuit! (LOL)

It’s late. Enjoy, creepers

February 12, 2013 Fashion, TQ Lifestyle
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Own Your Own Mech

Games, movies, novels, and pretty much any other form of entertainment always portray the future in similar fashions: apocalyptic, zombie filled, utopian, and of course

December 06, 2012 Fashion, General, News, News, Tech, TQ Lifestyle, Videos
2012 MuchMusic Video Awards - Show 1

Katy Perry Goes Nude Body Suit at Award Show

The gorgeous Katy Perry wore an elegant nude suit at this year’s muchmusic video awards. Take a look. [via Hpost

June 18, 2012 Fashion, Girls, Music, TQ Lifestyle
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Nasty: The Video Game Character Look is Popular in China

I recently came across an article via Kotaku covering kids turning into video game characters in China. When I started browsing through the pictures I

March 29, 2012 Fashion, Girls, TQ Lifestyle
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Rainer Spehl Wooden Laptop Case

How ill would you be walking around with this badass laptop carrier for your Mac? This case comes in a 13″, 15″, and 17″ for

February 19, 2012 Fashion, General, Originals
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Would You Wear This: Portal 2 Hoodie

It’s not everyday I come across some rad videogame apparel. Today, I found a Portal 2 hoodie that I would personally wear…. for the right

January 31, 2012 Fashion, TQ Lifestyle
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Would You Wear These? Rogue Territory Safari Trousers

  I know, I know, I know I detest camo unless you’re on the battlefield, but you gotta know the rules to break them, right?

December 18, 2011 Fashion, General, TQ Lifestyle
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What Not To Wear In Public

Alright peeps, this isn’t a guide on “how to dress,” this is a guide on “how not to dress” because I’m sure there are a

December 10, 2011 Fashion, TQ Lifestyle
H&M Kanye West Bomber Jacket 0

Would You Wear This? H&M Kanye West Bomber Jacket

I really dig fashion but it’s difficult and sometimes nerve wracking trying to find things that I truly see myself in. You see, I am

November 30, 2011 Fashion, TQ Lifestyle
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The Baddest Batgirl Costume You’ll See Today

Looks like Batman is not the only one styling in some hardcore shit.Check out this Batgirl costume harder and tighter than the pants on

November 25, 2011 Fashion, Girls, TQ Lifestyle
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