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Yahoo Mail Gets Mass Hack Attempt, Resets All Affected Passwords

Looks like someone has attempted to hack Yahoo mail. Yahoo has this to say via their tumblr blog. “Based on our current findings, the list

January 30, 2014 News, Tech
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Seven Years Ago Today, Apple Revolutionized the Phone

Seven Years Ago Today, Apple’s Steve Jobs Introduced the iPhone. The iPhone changed the world forever

January 09, 2014 Tech, Videos
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Real-life ‘Iron Man’ suit commissioned by US military

The technology in Iron Man is getting a step closer to reality thanks to the United States military. The Army has commissioned a Tactical Assault

October 11, 2013 Tech
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Everything You need To Now About The New iPhone 5S/iPhone 5c

Everything You need To Now About The New iPhone 5S/iPhone 5c

September 11, 2013 Tech
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HDMI 2.0 Announced – Faster Frequency Galore

HDMI 2.0 has been officially announced — adding a few key capabilities to the connection standard. With a bandwidth capacity of up to 18Gbps, it

September 04, 2013 Tech
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PS4 Processor “by far the most powerful” AMD Has Ever Produced

The PlayStation 4 has the most powerful processor ever produced by AMD. Even processors that are due out this year won’t come close to the

February 28, 2013 PlayStation, PlayStation 4, Tech
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Apple To Reinvent The Watch – iWatch is Real

Looks like Apple is indeed working on an Apple watch and the progress may be further than expected. According to Bloomberg, Apple has 100 product

February 12, 2013 News, Tech
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Microsoft Shows Off The Future of Video Gaming With illumiRoom (Video)

Microsoft has revealed an “illumiRoom” concept video at this year’s CES, aimed to give people an idea of the possibilities of the kinect and a

January 09, 2013 Tech, Video, Xbox

NVIDIA Reveals New Gaming Console

NVIDIA has just dropped a bomb on the gaming industry. During their CES 2013 presentation, NVIDIA revealed an all new gaming console by the name

January 07, 2013 Mobile, News, Tech, Video

Google Maps Returns to iOS Tonight!

Google Maps for iOS is back! Not only is it back, but it’s back with turn-by-turn navigation. Yay! The app is now available in the

December 12, 2012 News, Tech
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Own Your Own Mech

Games, movies, novels, and pretty much any other form of entertainment always portray the future in similar fashions: apocalyptic, zombie filled, utopian, and of course

December 06, 2012 Fashion, General, News, News, Tech, TQ Lifestyle, Videos
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Guy Makes Homemade Portal Loop Using Mirrors

Florian Aich has just discovered a way to create the sense of a real life Portal loop by using mirrors and LED lighting. And to

June 11, 2012 Tech
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Proof That All You Need Is An iPad

One complaint about the iPad is the $500 price tag, which may seem a little steep, but further research will prove that owning one of

March 22, 2012 Tech
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Electricity Troll On The Loose

Watch this Macgyver electricity troll attempting to fool us by making electricity with a lighter. This dude is trolling hard on the paint. Let us

March 22, 2012 Tech, TQ Lifestyle, Video
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Google To Release Augmented Reality Glasses By End of 2012

Google is working some serious futuristic technology right now. Google plans to launch glasses with a heads-up display by the end of 2012. The glasses

February 22, 2012 News, Tech
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Phillips To Challenge Sony With Dual-View Gaming 3DTV

Sony’s PlayStation 24-inch 3DTV may have been the first with the dual-view 3D gaming feature, but Phillips is ready to unleash their own take on

February 17, 2012 News, Tech
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New App Turns iPhone Into a Long Distance Sex-Toy

For those trying to make their long-distance relationships work, or keep your significant other happy even if you’re out of town on a business trip,

February 14, 2012 iPhone, Mobile, News, Tech, TQ Lifestyle
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iPad 3 in March With 4G LTE on Verizon and AT&T

Among many rumors/details that have surfaced about the iPad 3 lately, one detail seems to be a sure thing. The Wall Street Journal is reporting

February 13, 2012 News, Tech
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