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That’s It, PS Move is Getting Thrown Out – Grab It Now

I’m checking out these daily deals and I just happened to realize that there’s an incredible deal for a PlayStation Move bundle. But, this isn’t

January 09, 2012 mO DeAl$, PlayStation, PS Move
HOTD_TQ_Head 0 House Of The Dead Overkill: Extended Cut Review Overall Score

House Of The Dead Overkill: Extended Cut Review

Game: House of the Dead Overkill: Extended Cut Genre: Rail Shooter System: PS3 (Move) Review By: Illmatic House of the Dead has always been a

November 24, 2011 PlayStation 3, PS Move, Reviews

The House of the Dead: Overkill-Extended Cut Trailer

Game: House of the Dead: Overkill Extended Cut Genre: Rail Shooter System: PS3 The zombie on rail shooter is back in once again, it might

July 25, 2011 PlayStation 3, PS Move, Trailers, Video
playstation-move-heroes-walkthrough-box-art 2

PlayStation Move Heroes Review

Game: PlayStation Move Heroes Genre: Action-Adventure System: PlayStation 3 Review by: Denoch Welcome to the next generation of platforming based on the heroes that were

Beat Unboxing: Socom 4 Full Deployment Edition

Socom 4 deployment edition is one of those great bundles on the PlayStation 3 for 2011. Check out my Beat Unboxing

Sharpshooter4 1

PS Move Sharpshooter Review

Motion controlling may not be as favored as gaming companies would like, but that’s not stopping any of them from pumping out all sorts of

March 01, 2011 PlayStation, PS Move, PS3, Reviews
CIMG0655 2

Beat Unboxing: KILLZONE 3 Helghast Edition

Denoch brings you another Overkill Edition Unboxing, check it out yuh. This Edition is still available at amazon as of 2/22 Get it before it

Educational Games to Replace Mario and Sonic

When people recall their earliest memories of gaming, there are feelings of nostalgia. We miss the simple platforming in Mario or blazing new trails with

February 18, 2011 Kinect, PS Move

All Kinect Games $10 off Right Now & PlayStation Move Sold Out?

The battle of motion gaming between Sony and Microsoft just got a bit more interesting. All Kinect games are currently $10 off and Amazon has

Innovation Sony Might Be Envying Right Now: ‘Kinect’

With the holidays just around the corner everyone wants to experience the hottest gaming trend around. PlayStation Move had a slight advantage over Kinect due

November 17, 2010 PlayStation, PlayStation 3, PS Move, Xbox

TQcast: PlayStation Move Review

More than a week has passed since the launch of Sony’s latest innovation in gaming and even now the industry is still buzzing about Playstation

September 28, 2010 PlayStation, PS Move, Reviews
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