Late Night Gamer: Comic Book Men

There is something that I would like to talk to all of you about before the night is out. Love him or hate him, Kevin Smith is a fan of Comic Books. So what better way is there to share fond memories with your friends other than doing a TV show about them right? Comic Book Men is something that has been on my radar lately because it reminds just how fun, and sometimes pathetic, my childhood really was.

The show features three employees, and one frequent visitor, from Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash Store in New Jersey (Walt, Mike, Ming, and Brian), and provides a fun, entertaining take on a world filled with vigilantes, heroes, love interests, and so on. Some of the best moments here are when the group discusses such topics as what type of superpowers they would have,  how they would handle themselves in a zombie apocalypse, or what specific outfit each of them would wear at a convention. It’s not a show for everybody, but for those of you who decide to take part in the madness, trust me, you will have a good time.

Be sure to check out Comic Book Men Sundays at Midnight Eastern Time on AMC. Good Night Everybody.