Lionhead Working on Xbox One Game using Unreal Engine 4 – Fable 4?

I was browsing through some of the current job postings via the Microsoft Job list postings in hope of finding a job and check this out:

Role Purpose
Lionhead Studios is seeking a highly skilled and experienced Graphics Programmer to be a key contributor on an unannounced title for Xbox One. We’re looking for someone who is passionate about games and graphics and has experience working on modern rendering engines (DX11 or equivalent), someone with a natural affinity for CPU and GPU optimisation and an eye for visual quality.

The successful candidate will work closely with the art department to implement beautiful yet efficient graphics features which fulfil the art director’s vision, and with the lead graphics programmer on rendering architecture and optimisation.
We need a programmer who can think for themselves, able to work with autonomy and take ownership of specific rendering systems when necessary.

The role involves Unreal Engine 4, so experience with UE3 and especially UE4 is an advantage but not necessarily required. Although we’re using a third party engine, we’re developing a significant amount of graphics tech in-house, so we need someone can join the team and help us push the boundaries of next-gen console hardware.


3) Technical/Functional Skills
– Fluent in C++ and shader languages (ideally HLSL, but possibly GLSL/Cg).
– Ability to balance aesthetic requirements with performance needs.
– A good knowledge of at least one modern graphics API (D3D9, LibGCM or OpenGL)
– Excellent grasp of CPU optimisation ideally with multi-core CPU architectures
– Experience with low level GPU optimisation, identifying bottlenecks
– Knowledge of Direct3D 11 or equivalent (shader model 5, compute shaders, tessellation etc.), ideal but not essential
– In-depth knowledge of existing graphics techniques and algorithms (e.g. shadow mapping, dynamic lighting, effects, culling).
– Actively follows developments in graphics and engine design research topics, in particular real-time lighting techniques such as real-time global illumination and deferred rendering pipelines.
– Excellent knowledge of current generation engine methods and techniques covering a variety of wide-ranging fields such as post-processing, lighting, animation and resource streaming.