This Super Mario 3D World PS4 Bundle Mock is Amazing

While Nintendo has plans to make their exclusive characters available to third party developers, it doesn’t mean that Nintendo will allow Nintendo games to come to other consoles. However, that’s not going stop creative gamers to think outside the box. Check out this amazing box art mock bundle of the Playstation 4 and Super Mario 3D world.

Jizzz in my pants!!!





  • Neco The Sergal

    If Nintendo goes the way of the Sega, this could be a reality. Whether insecure Nintendo fanboys which to deny or otherwise. Sega Fanboys back in Genesis/Dreamcast days would’ve said the same thing with Sonic being on ‘any other platform’ and laughed it off.

    Never be deluded from the many variables of future consequences. I’d still think Nintendos’ first party IP’s would make a much greater profit if they simply sold it on every single platform and cashed it in. They’d hit every single demographic that owns every single device whether handheld, iOS, Sony, Microsoft, PC or otherwise…..the only thing keeping them back is purely Japanese stubborn pride. Though, I would say of course, they’d be completely fine sticking in the handheld gaming market if they don’t mess up as badly as they did with 3DS’s launch which ONLY picked up speed because of the giant price slash which many of Nintendo fanboys seamlessly have forgotten about whilst boasting 3DS’s success.

    • Walter Measday

      Not to the mention the fact that Nintendo had to make major changes to the system’s components to try and cut down on the losses they were taking from the price, and are still losing money on it to this day.

      • Neco The Sergal

        Unbeknownst to majority fanboys though too. Sony entered the gaming industry with the plan of selling at a loss each time whilst trying to then garner profit through software sales and deals. So each time we come to see that Sony at least sells at minimal profit or at a loss, it’s what they’ve come to get used to. Microsoft I think did a similar strategy though I’m not as knowledgeable to their history or ‘ideas’ since of how backwards and fucktards their tactics can be or half-assed or illogical at that to tell the difference of them either lying their teeth off or using their own stupidity as a tactic in itself.

        Nintendo made systems with hopes and the idea that they will make profit both in hardware and software. Their projected profit for Wii U was like….what, 100 Billion Yen? They were honestly expecting that much profit and expecting their consumers to just blindly buy everything they make, similar to Sony’s blunder in 2006 where Sony thought “Well, our consumers bought PS1 and PS2 and love us, I think we can manage to sell PS3 at $600 and they’ll still love us!” (Only for us to know what happened then). Corporate greed and arrogance, Nintendo is at these stages currently and thus the consequences are similar for a reason.

        3DS was a mistake which then grew into a profitable market Software-wise but not hardware wise – but it still cost them and their internal structure to fumble heavily and the price was high with their own pay cheques slashed to compensate, now Nintendos buying their own stock and trying to make up for Wii U’s blunder. If Nintendo makes ONE more hardware mistake, it truly will be difficult to know which direction they’ll take. :/ I wonder if there is any truth to the rumors of them already thinking of a new console, and even if true, that could either be a huge mistake or a huge unexpected success, I’d not even attempt to predict or analyze that kind of predicament XD

        • bionic

          Honestly, if anyone’s going bankrupt, it’s Sony. Nintendo is worth more than Sony and all they make are video games. Sony makes TVs, cameras, headphones, laptops, tablets, video games, etc. Looking at how well the 3DS is doing, Nintendo ain’t going anywhere.

          • DarthDiggler

            @bionic:disqus Well it really depends on the assets. At the moment Nintendo has many great IPs and likely some patents, but Sony has great IPs and being a manufacturer they have more patents than Nintendo. The value of the company is not market cap alone, the assets play a huge role.

          • Neco The Sergal

            You clearly….have no idea who even has more money than the other. It’s not funny for anyone to go Full-Retard, please do not do that again.

            Go look up at the financials of Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. You blindly, idiotically PRESUMING, not even KNOWING, but GUESSING that ‘Sony would be the first to go bankrupt’ I don’t even need to do heavy research to laugh in your face about how inaccurate that is. I can even just use Wikipedia of all places to wrong you. ONE? Nintendo is JUST a Gaming company, Sony is Mass Media, Electronic and technology giant equal to that of Microsoft and in a very similar boat of money… such, Sony as a whole will be Giant in comparison naturally.

            SECOND? Nintendo has a Revenue of 2013 of $6 Billion which is going DOWN. Sony? Has $72 Billion. Want me to go on? Sony? BANKRUPT? You know the only people who’d believe that? Naive halfwits and 13 year olds. Also, fanboys.

            Nintendo as a Whole is MUCH…MUCH Smaller than Sony, no matter how you cut it. You’re wrong at every angle and should go into the Dunce-corner, this isn’t me responding even as a ‘Sony Fanboy’ this is just pure facts, take it or leave.

        • DarthDiggler


          The big difference with PS3 and Wii U is Sony quickly (within the first year) figured out they botched things and gathered some of the best talent in the company to rectify it. All I hear from Nintendo is blame and “I am sorry”.

          Wii U needs an Uncharted moment. Something that wows people and gets eyeballs looking their way again. Unfortunately the window for this opportunity is closing.

          • Neco The Sergal

            I’d not argue with you on that, it’s why I like Sony, they were arrogant and truly learned from their mistakes. They even can cater to ‘For the Gamers’ kind of advertisement and WIN at that even though the bigger masses/market/demographic are casuals – the problem is, no one controls the Casual market, the casual market is like a massive wave, a flood of random and unpredictable interests. Which is why things like Angry Birds can become popular when its just a god damn simple flash game. NOW? I’m only hearing stupid popular about FLAPPY BIRD….Nintendo, became cocky and presumed that they knew that they had the Casual market under their belt.

            What happened? Arrogance. Nintendo thought wrong, the casuals aren’t theirs and did not follow them. They did not buy into Wii to Wii U upgrades because any casual will blatantly, predictably ask a game salesman and go “Why do I need a Wii U? Why is it worth the price?” Do you think “WELL, It has better graphics!” will persuade them? No. “It has a screen on the controller now!” No. “It can play in 720p now!” No. “It’s like the Wii, it’s the Wii’s successor, but its the new console and costs this much!” is all they see, thus, their core demographic that bought the Wii has ZERO interest in upgrading, they have absolutely NO reason to buy Wii U. Wii was a smashing success due to timing, just like angry birds, and its launch price point which grasped the logic that Casuals don’t damn care about graphics, course, but Nintendos fault was believing they had ‘control’ as if casual-demographics follow Paths or Roads, metaphorically, Casuals just do not do what hardcore gamers do….Hardcores are the ones that buy the sequels and keep up to date with gaming news and ‘know’ what they’re getting and buying and when things are coming out and preparing. Casuals do not. Casuals buy impulsively or due to kids wanting the latest craze or because soccer mom over here said “I saw it on TV and my little one would love it and the Wii Fit may help my weight problems and its cheaper than a treadmill so okay!”

            I saw this happening before Wii U launched and I’m not even bloody paid to be as retarded as Michael Pachter….

            But, as for Sony again? It’s why I like them, they DID realize their mistakes and did make up for them, they did with PS3, they did with PSN ‘AND’ for when it got hacked. Only thing they did wrong was PSV so far, but at least PSV isn’t really dead just yet….

    • Sturm Davenport

      keep dreaming. nintendos got way too much money for this to happen for at least another 15-20 years.

      • Neco The Sergal

        Reality isn’t a dream.

        Keep telling yourself, whatever makes you sleep better at night kid :/ ‘Too much money for this to happen for 15-20 years’, LOL.

        If they had such huge-ass amounts of money…..they’d really not have to BUY $1.2 BILLION of their own SHARES. That is the definition of desperate.

        “Treasury stock is often created when shares of a company are initially issued. In this case, not all shares are issued to the public, as some are kept in the companies treasury to be used to create extra cash should it be needed. Another reason may be to keep a controlling interest within the treasury to help ward off hostile takeovers.”

        ^Do I need to spoonfeed you what this means?….

        • Sturm Davenport

          funny how theyre the ones building buildings buildings while sony is the one selling them, but oh yeah its nintendo thats doomed. funny how you bring up sega but fail to mention segas past failures prior to the DC. the wii u could completely fail and N would still be in great shape. N has over $11 billion in the bank they can easily afford a failure or 2.

          • Neco The Sergal

            Again, whatever makes you sleep better at night. You reek of denial and delusions. Getting all defensive and protective of a corporation that owes you nothing as if they’re your mommy. It shows your colours and bias, which means you’re no one to take seriously.

          • Sturm Davenport

            poisoning the well. instead of refuting my points, you bring up completely irrelevant and false points. you say they wont last for another 15 years but your only proof of that is that they bought some of their stocks and the wii u isnt doing well. i bring up that they have plenty of money to last a failure or 2 and you fail to refute that, and fail to realize that sega was already in dire shape when they launched the DC. not to mention that the 3ds is currently thriving. as well as a company that supposedly “isnt doing well” has built several buildings.

          • Neco The Sergal

            I don’t need to listen to your delusions when you ignore my already logical and statistical statements that cannot even be denied, you’re avoiding the questions and avoiding what I said so you can just say what you please even if there’s no weight behind your words.

            As for 3DS – Yes, as predictable as most Nintendo fanboys are, and as I had pointed out elsewhere. 3DS is ‘Thriving’ – – – AFTER IT GOT A GIANT PRICE SLASH from $245 to $169….HMMM….I WONDER WHY IT STARTED TO THRIVE….

            Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm indeed! Because if you were born before 2011, which I surely hope you are. Then any living person should remember that prior to the slash, it DID NOT SELL. It only sold after:

            1) Nintendo slashed it horrendously
            2) NIntendo executives slashed their pay cheques to make up for the loss and as punishment
            3) Actually got games like Pokemon put on it

            Then and only then did it begin selling. You act like this never happened, that there was no negative consequences, you ignorantly just act like 3DS launched and just instantly sold like a fucking billion in a day. Nintendo had shot themselves in the foot and you being ignorant or denying history that happened 2-3 years ago only shows your retardation and bias, you wonder why I don’t take you seriously? My proof is purely logical and historically-accurate.

            Yours, is a raving halfwit whos emotional bias and clinginess to a corporation is the only saving grace that makes you suck Nintendos cock as if your opinion which is entirely emotive based, with zero research, zero knowledge behind it, just zealotic idiocy. Makes you think you somehow have valuable information. You’re a nobody pretending to have valuable information when you do not. I do not need to ‘refute’ illogical, nonsensical inaccuracies that come from the mind of a child, it’d be like Bill Nye arguing with Ken Ham, you being Ken, you have absolutely nothing on me, and me taking you seriously would waste my time.

          • Sturm Davenport

            wow, going from poisoning the well to strawman. when did i say the 3ds was thriving from the getgo? i said “currently.” besides how is that even remotely relevant to your claim that it is laughable(“LOL”) that Nintendo will not last another 15 years in the console market? your only evidence for this is them buying back some of their shares, which isnt really proof of anything; all they did was make “the smart move to repurchase stock at a lower point.” and please tell me where it says nintendo HAD to buy its stocks back. the other reason is that the wii u isnt doing so well. even though i bring up that they have built several buildings recently, their 3ds is currently doing great, as well as their huge sums of money. you also create a false dilemma with that quote you pasted. you act like the 2 reasons they stated, as to why a company would buy back its stock, are the ONLY 2 reasons why a company would buy their own stock. that pretty much refutes all your points, anything else you would like to add? and a little advice, instead of thinking/arguing with your emotions i would try using something called logic and reasoning. ill tell you the same thing i told this guy named woodchuck which i won in an argument against: I recommend taking some sound reasoning/logic classes if you can.

  • ilovegoogleglass

    Nice render

  • Jamic

    Looks nice.

  • Sturm Davenport

    not really. anyone thats halfway decent at photoshop could easily do this