Nintendo Download of the Week: Embrace The Darkness

It’s that time once again for us to find out what’s new in the world of Nintendo Downloads. This week’s offerings are a little bit on the strange, even for these systems. Sometimes being unusual can turn out to be a blessing in disguise though, so I won’t hold that against anything here. Let’s take a moment now to see what made the cut, shall we?

My pick for Nintendo Download of the Week Is Knytt Underground for the Wii U Download Service. It has an ESRB rating of M for Mature, and is currently available for download through the Wii U eShop at the asking price of $12.99. The reason why I picked this one was because I like the dark aesthetic, and the simple, yet entirely fun looking platforming gameplay as well. If you feel the same way I do then download the game as soon as possible.

Not in the mood for living in the dark, don’t worry, there is still one new Wii U VC title, one recently discounted Wii U Download title, one new Wii U demo, four new 3DS Download titles, one new 3DS VC title, and two new 3DS demos available for you to check out. Relive a classic, yet very spooky adventure, in Castlevania. Your recently discounted Wii U title is Little Inferno ($4.99 until Jan. 2nd). See just how fun space shooters can be when trying out the Nano Assault Neo demo. Show those low life thugs who’s boss in 3D Streets of Rage. Become a silent, yet deadly warrior when playing 3D Shinobi III.

As usual, one paragraph won’t do it, so here we go. Get your daily value of potassium in Banana Bliss: Jungle Puzzles. Go for the gold when playing in Winter Sports 2012: Feel the Spirit. Battle to see who rules the neighborhood in Crash’n The Boys Street Challenge. Finally, your two new 3DS demos are Brunch Panic and World Conqueror 3D.

All this and more can be found in the eShop, DSi, Wii, and Wii U eShop Channels right now, have fun!

Here is a trailer that I found for the game, Enjoy!