New Zelda Wii U Game Revealed [Video]

During this morning’s Nintendo Direct, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata dropped a bomb on the fans. A new Legend of Zelda game is on the way to Wii U. And it’s a crossover with Tecmo Koei’s Warriors series tentatively titled Hyrule Warriors.

“This new title from Tecmo Koei combining The Legend of Zelda and Warriors franchises will arrive on Wii U in 2014,” said.

  • mongoose1

    Ok, I’ll say it, your all thinking it, why do we need another Zelda game? c’mon Nintendo focus on something other than Zelda and Mario. or at least make them a little less childish. I should’ve never bought a Wii-U.

    • stfupls.

      “Make them a little less childish”
      Wow you must play so much big boys game like CoD. You’re so mature.

  • Chris Reimer

    Are you kidding me!?!?!? Zelda is awesome! And so is the Wii U! Mario is awesome as well!

  • BADBIL666

    Typical Of NintenDOH. Why work hard on innovating the Zelda series, NO let’s bastardize it instead by making ANOTHER Dynasty Warriors clone??? PA-THE-TIC! So over the big N.