Wii U Finally Gets The Comparison It Needs To Dominate

Nintendo has finally put a chart together comparing the Wii U and the Wii and why the Wii U is the console to buy. If Nintendo can get this message across to the general public via TV spots and internet ads, we will definitely see the much-awaited take-off of the Wii U this holiday season. The chart has been seen across several Toys ‘R Us and Walmart stores.


  • Loon

    They missed . . “5 times more power than a wii”

    • The truth

      It’s a lot more than that. Lol.

  • ruefrak

    Plays GameCube games… oh wait. That’s right.
    There should also be a box for both that says “Bought it, used it for two weeks and then watched it gather dust for months as you moved back to your Xbox to play CoD and GTA V:”