Nintendo’s Reggie May Have Hinted New Star Fox Game

Earlier today while answering twitter questions, President of Nintendo of NA Reggie Fils-Aime posted a picture of Fox McCloud. The tweet was a poke at the “The Fox” song, but the image appeared to be prepared and with intent to release it to the public today.

Take this with grain of salt as this could have easily been a random tweet, however keep in mind that the image had to be photoshopped with Fox McCloud and it was certainly not photoshopped while he was tweeting. This definitely appears to have been planned. A Star Fox game in the works for the Wii U or 3DS? Let’s us know what you think. Tweet.


  • Saul Martinez

    Probably a 3DS game I dont think Nintendo would give a budget high enough for a wii u title and there is no team probably willing to do it. Unless this is supposed to be a year in ahead of a tease.

    • Damian Waga

      Kamiya from Platinum games showed interest in making one. Hopefully he decided he’d bear with the bombardment of StarFox fans and their endless questions.

      • crocodileman94

        I think that “not interested” statement was a lie to make the fanboys shut up.

  • NOSQEY .

    i think the image could be in relation to the news that certain N64 titles being remastered and released on the wii u.

  • smashbrolink

    I think people are reading waaaaaaaayyyyy too much into it.
    A shop like that doesn’t take very long on the right website, and even Reggie might have a few pics prepped for funny incidents.

  • Evan Armstrong

    i hope they do make a new star fox game, i’d hate to see one of nintnedo’s flagship franchises die just like capcoms meg man