PS Vita And Vita TV Should Be One Device

The PS Vita TV is an excellent addition to the PlayStation brand, however, wouldn’t it have been something else if PS Vita TV had a screen like the PS Vita too?

I considered bringing up the idea of Sony releasing some sort of cradle for the existing PS Vita. A cradle that would handled charging and video/audio outputs to your TV? But, since we know that the current Vitas do not output video without a mod, we can disregard that idea. However, Sony also announced a new PS Vita model which will come with a standard microUSB connector. Perhaps this can be an indication that a cradle would work for the the PS Vita PCH-2000?

I personally think that Vita TV is a little pricey. Don’t get me wrong, it’s actually a good price for those with existing PlayStation Vitas and DualShocks, but a little pricey for the new comers, considering that for an additional $50 you can get a PS3 or a Vita. Sure this new Vita TV has some great features, especially the PS4 remote capabilities, but isn’t that what the PS Vita was built to do as well? While I love the idea, I think that Sony should’ve put both the Vita TV and the new Vita Model together to be one. Think about it, you have your PS Vita TV setup at home and when you are ready to leave the house you take it with you and continue a movie or game where you left off. That would’ve been a step above the competition.

What do you think?

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