This Is How We Eat: Pats vs. Genos

Welcome to a very special versus installment of This Is How We Eat. If you are unfamiliar with what’s going on here, please refer to our previous articles for more information. If anybody has ever been to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, you know one of the things that they are most famous for is cheesesteaks. Two different places have always been at each others throats as to who has the better sandwich, so I figured why not settle this debate once and for all. It’s time to find out for sure just who has the upper here in a little segment I’d like to call Pats vs Genos.

Located just across the street from each other in South Philly, these two restaurants have been a staple of their community for many years (Pats for 83, Genos for 47). Since each place has been featured on a number of different television programs, my girlfriend and I decided to check them both to see which one we liked better. She went to Genos, and paid twelve dollars for a sandwich and a bottle of water (expensive I know). I decided to head on over to Pat’s, and got the same exact thing for half the price, $6. The real question now is which one was better, well, read on to find out.

Each of us took a half of the other persons sandwich to try it out, and here are the results. She thought mine tasted way too much like a hot pocket, and I thought the bread on hers was way too buttery. About halfway through this test, we exchanged backed our sandwiches and finished them off, ultimately leaving the battle to a draw. Kind of a boring conclusion huh? Well, that’s just the way things work out sometimes I guess.

We did encounter a couple of problems with the locations of these places, and also the parking. The neighborhoods that each one of these places were located in were sketchy at best, and the parking was downright atrocious as well. Aside from these issues though, the food was good, as that is all that matters in the end anyways.

So if you get the chance to travel to Philadelphia, stop by for a delicious cheesesteak at either one of these locations, you will not be disappointed.

Also, if there are any other places that you think we might like to check out, please let us know in the comments below.