Unlock or Delete: R.I.P.D. The Game (XBLA)

Just got the chance to check out the trial version of R.I.P.D. The Game recently, and as expected, it was extremely disappointing. The trial version is around 1.20 GB or so, and is currently available for download on Xbox Live. So what did I think of it? Well, it was a pathetic excuse of a third person shooter with a movie license slapped on to make money. Let’s take a moment to go over the highs and low of my experience with this one, shall we?

The Good: Decent visual style, comic book style cutscenes are fun to watch, variety of objectives do change things up every once in awhile.

The Bad: Gameplay is mind numbingly repetitive, controls are extremely loose, enemies take way too many bullets before they die, sound effects lack any sort of punch to them.

The Ugly: There is no story mode, so there really isn’t a reason to care about what’s going on at all whatsoever.

Final Demo Verdict: If the video game version of the RIPD Movie is this bad, maybe I shouldn’t check out the film either. Delete this one and move on, you’ll be glad you did.

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