An explanation to the general public of what a Wii U actually is has been a difficult task for Nintendo thus far. If Nintendo wants to show the world what a Wii U is and why it belongs in every living room, this holiday season is the perfect time and reason to do it. The PS4 and Xbox One hype is key.

Both Sony and Microsoft have been headlining the gaming sphere since their E3 reveal. Passionate fans want to see their console come out with a bang this holiday season. What gamers should expect is a head to head match between the PS4 and Xbox One Vs. The Wii U. Yes, I said it. This holiday season is the perfect time to relaunch the Wii U. Why? Tagging along the PS4 and Xbox One Hype will make it seem like the Wii U is also a brand new gaming console. A bigger part of the general public may not even know what a Wii U actually is. Nintendo has been strangely stupid in promoting the console, but that’s neither here or there, the fact is that Nintendo needs to focus on its marketing and aim to go against the PS4 and Xbox One this holiday season. Before I get remarks about how this won’t even be a fair competition because the PS4 and Xbox One are actually “next-gen” and what ever else, I’m strictly talking in a business standpoint, which ultimately always leads to success.

Let’s see, Nintendo has 3 hot games out this Holiday, Zelda: Wind Waker HD remake, Donkey Kong, and Super Mario 3D world. If Nintendo can use its price against the PS4 and Xbox One, that would be the first key (Hey our console is only $349.99 and it comes with a tablet that let’s you do this….) Second, Nintendo must showcase and really market the tablet in a clever way, something that will have the general public talking for days (perhaps showcasing the tablet’s capabilities with games out now and games in development…with a release date set.) Third, we know that at least 2 out of the 3 games releasing this holiday for Nintendo will do well, so tons of marketing needs to go along with at least 1 of these three titles. People might say that a Mario games doesn’t need much marketing, but I disagree, I think right now Nintendo needs to treat their old franchises as if they were new and market the shit out of them (TV commercials, Theaters, Posters, LIVE, ect..) And last…GAMES! Nintendo needs to announce a lot more games this year.

Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze:

Zelda: Wind Waker HD Gameplay Demo:

Super Mario 3D World Gameplay Demo:

If Nintendo ever had a second chance with the Wii U, this is it. You may not find this accurate, but if Nintendo puts on their thinking caps, this holiday may be a Wii U holiday. Don’t blink.

What do you guys think? In what other ways can Nintendo market the Wii U this holiday?