One Thing The General Public Doesn’t Know About The PS4/Xbox One

This holiday season is going to be very interesting. Both Microsoft and Sony will be unleashing their next generation video game consoles and while many loyal and passionate fans of each console want to see only one console win the holiday, both consoles have their own unique features that will attract consumers. However, there’s something at this time of the next-gen console race that should “technically” have a major advantage.

This past week a few of my co-workers had a small group of people surrounding their desks while they preached about the next-gen video game consoles. Keep in mind that none of my co-workers are hard-core gamers (including the ones preaching), mostly casual gamers interested in all kinds of new tech. The conversation was mostly about how the next Xbox sucks and how they screwed their fans and how the brand is in trouble. I walked over to hear the opinions clearly and probably give my two cents into the matter. While there, I was shocked at what none of these folks knew about the PS4.

To my surprise nobody had an idea that Sony’s PlayStation 4 is $100 cheaper than the Xbox One (PS4 =$399.99 Xbox One=$499.99.) They all thought that the price was the same. This quickly turned into a PS4 conversation. By the end of the gathering, the whole group decided that if they were to buy a new gaming system it would obviously be a PS4 due to the $100 cheaper price tag. I was shocked at the fact that Xbox One’s bad press had more people interested in its flaws and for that matter knew more about the Xbox One than anything about the PS4. I later realized that this wasn’t the gaming community I was talking to; this was the general public in real life and if they hadn’t seen the $100 cheaper price tag on a TV commercial, most would never know.


They say that any press is good press and Microsoft has surely been on the naughty side as of late, however, this may not be such a big deal after all. I assume (and in a business standpoint, I hope) that Sony has a marketing campaign ready to promote the price difference from that of the Xbox One as we get closer to the holiday, but as of right now, the general public may not have a clue about the cheaper price for the PS4. Imagine if Microsoft drops the price before the launch? The decision may get a bit difficult to those not set on one console yet.

Now, if Nintendo only knew how to tell the general public that the Wii U is $50 cheaper than the PS4 and available now. Better yet, when will they actually explain what a Wii U actually is?

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  • demetreHG

    No thanks I don’t want the Tards on Xbox One let them play their playstation 4 and leave us alone ..whiny morons

    • Dakan45

      says the tard who buys the more expensive, weaker and crappier system.

      • Randall Johnson

        One question, though: do you plan on buying the Eye?

  • kevin carey

    There’s A LOT the “general public” doesn’t know about these consoles. That’s what MS…and Sony…are counting on for the Holiday : uninformed consumers (mainly parents) and their wallets. I’d wager many will assume that both will be backwards compatible as well.

  • KayCee

    N4G or is it PS4G. Im glad all these whiney brats are going PS4 more fun for me on my Xbox One.