Hey, At Least It Comes With a Headset

The fact that Sony came out and fixed everything the PS3 was lacking has pleased many people. In addition of making the PS4 an easy machine to develop on, Sony shocked the gaming world by delivering a $399.99 price for the PlayStation 4. One of the many PS3 complaints was the lack of a headset included in the box; of course Sony offered a few “additional cost” options a few years later such as; the wireless Bluetooth headset and the Wireless Stereo Headset. However, the fact that the Xbox was able to fit that small part into its box still left many gamers baffled by Sony’s weird and anti-consumer friendly decisions.

Now comes the next generation of gaming and it clearly appears that the tables have turned. Sony learned its lesson and they have basically built a ready-to-go gaming machine without any confusing features for $100 cheaper than the competition — aka Xbox One. So what happened? Microsoft nailed it with Xbox 360 in terms of accessories included in the box. This time around, Microsoft has clearly taken a page out of the old 1996 PS3 marketing book and started using it early into this new generation. Not only is the Xbox One $100 more expensive ($499.99) than the PS4, but the whole DRM fiasco seemed to have hurt the gaming giant’s message to consumers. And still, no headset included with the Xbox One.

Kinect is the future! As lame as that may sound, it’s probably true. However, The fact that Microsoft is forcing gamers to us Kinect as their default communicator while playing online games, may not be a good idea…yet. Earlier today Microsoft informed IGN that they might have a converter that will allow you to use your old Xbox 360 headset with your Xbox One.


“Xbox plans to develop solutions in the near future to allow consumers to connect many brands of wired gaming headsets to the Wireless Controller for gaming and chat audio. The Wireless Controller has been redesigned to allow for higher data transfer speed between the controller and the console. This also required creating a new expansion port design for headsets and future controller add-on devices which is different from a standard audio plug input.”

After hearing that news, it is clear that the Xbox One team is regrouping somewhere in Washington. Microsoft had a plan from the get-go and what they initially offered was too ahead of its time. Yes, we are not ready for the Xbox One’s technologies just yet. Perhaps we will look back one day and realize that Microsoft was right all along, (like the Sega Dreamcast? Maybe Not.) Today there has to be a system that is as easy to use as a PS3, Xbox 360, and an iPhone or iPad. Our current world is so attached to these simple to use technologies that having Microsoft introduce things out of the norm (like Kinect as your only online communicator) is something that needs to gradually be implemented.

Sony is keeping its marketing old-school with the PlayStation 4, sure it’s a new powerful gaming console, but Sony’s marketing approach this time around is an old-school approach that always works — “The customer is always right approach!” Oh and that missing headset on the PS3? Yeah, it’s included now; an in-ear headset now comes with every PS4. Sure it looks inexpensive, but hey at least it comes with a headset.

All Playstation 4 consoles including the bundles below come with a headset.

PlayStation 4 Battlefield 4 Launch Day Bundle

PlayStation 4 Watch Dogs Launch Day Bundle

PlayStation 4 Killzone Launch Day Bundle

PlayStation 4 Knack Launch Day Bundle

PlayStation 4: Standard Edition

  • Shawn Pearson

    microsoft has stated you can use the mics you have been using on your 360 so bam, I would pay $600 for the xb1 just like i did the ps3, I will buy a ps4 when they catch up so prolly next xmas …

    • JeffG

      Not true. Read above, Microsoft is “working” on a fix by using a converter of some sort in order to be able to use your 360 headset. So still, doesn’t work without an adapter of som sort, it’s a proprietary connection.

  • NL37

    man online lobbies are never going to be the same, no more quiet ones, with a few people talking, your going to be hearing every kid and his grandma

    • mike

      NL37I reply you, actually, I made a comment, but it’s awaiting moderation. But I guess the author won’t like it. As a reply, it doesn’t need approval, I think.

      Update: As I guessed, the author didn’t accept my comment.if this one gets removed, I will report it on n4g and every single website I can. I may bring some clicks at first, but later…
      Author, if you only accept comments that fit your tastes, just close the comments section, OK?

      ‘by Sony’s weird and anti-consumer friendly decisions.’
      So,if for you, Sony not including a headset is an anti consumer decision…

      What about microsoft lying, and releasing/ selling people a flawed console, that would break 1-2 months after the purchase? Let me guess, you’re perfectly fine with that, right?

      It’s like you buying a new car, and the seller forgets to tell you ‘ hey, this car has a major design issue, its engine will stop working after one or two months’. Would you still buy that car?

      But thanks to the million websites and journalists that were so busy bashing Sony and their ps3/vita consoles, and didn’t say absolutely nothing about those huge issues like the rrod, on the x360, people were happily fooled, and went home with a device that would only work a couple of months.

      Yeah, thanks to the US press, every single bad texture on a ps3 game, or every single tiny thing about sony deserved a full article, saying how evil Sony is, and that bad texture was worse that the judgment day. And that same press, instead of telling the truth about the huge x360 issues, like rrod, scratching discs, pay for online, expensive proprietary devices, etc, not only they lied, not telling the truth to people, but they were making thousands of articles praising the console, every single game got a 10/10, and were begging people to run and get one. But the day Sony removes the other os feature, which let people install a certain modified Linux os, feature that was used by less than 1 guy out of 10’000, was really closed, couldn’t access video memory, and above everything, if someone really wanted to play with Linux, they already had it on their computers. Simply, people were pissed because with Sony removing that feature, the chances to see the ps3 massively hacked just dropped really low, and people couldn’t do homebrew on it, homebrew meaning ‘ I download a full 60 bucks game, for free, and play it totally free, on my hacked console. When Sony did this, for protecting their console and business, of course, the same million websites and journalists were once again bashing Sony, like they always did. For them, they treated it like it was the end of the world. Meanwhile, people were still buying xbox360, as they kept melting and melting, but nobody said shit about it. Funny, huh?

      To the author, who calls Sony not including a headset with the ps3 ‘anti-consumer’, please tell us, and swear, how many x360 have you had, since the first purchase? 2,3,4? We guess you’re perfectly fine with all those consoles melting over and over. But a missing headset, Sony gets a tag ‘ anti-consumer’. Yeah, great…
      *burn, Sony evil, burn.you’re so bad to consumers.like the psn+, where people only get 24 full games for free, each year’ what a f*cking anti-consumer company.

      • NL37

        hey mike, that’s a pretty in depth analysis.
        And lols at the comment troubles.
        Anyways, when I bought my PS3, I didn’t expect it to come with a headset, it wasn’t a factor, so I don’t class Sony as “anti consumer” for not bundling it like X.
        Bundling a headset though? That’s just a big plus for me,
        as you can see with my comment 🙂

        I agree with you in Sony being a very pro consumer, esp with PS Plus, being availible for a long time now not to mention indie developers. I dont think Microsofts anti consumer either tho, i think their plan for the future is just to out of the comfort zone for most people, plus they didnt explain it properly imo. What do you think?

        Cant wait for PS4 🙂

        • mike

          Never mind, man,sorry.
          I mentioned n4g because I had spent 30 minutes on my comment and it looked like it had been disapproved or moderated or whatever.
          I have read so many shit about Sony, sure, they’re not angels, and there are things they do that are not correct,but at the end, people still go home with their ps3, can play great games, get a lot of value from their psn+, and have a future-proof device, with a low failure rate, that will work flawlessly(for most people) during its life cycle.

          I have read millions of articles from huge influent websites, who do their best to always shit on Sony, always grabbing a tiny little thing, and transforming it into a huge-awful-lethal game breaker feature. After almost 8 years listening to the same tune, it’s getting annoying 🙂

          Don’t worry man(though you’re not worried at all) and I don’t deserve being followed by you. Most of my comments, I say positive things about Sony and their consoles, I appreciate the work and passion Sony put on their devices and consoles, I’m happy being able to spend many many hours playing great games on my ps3s, and I say thank you Sony for giving me so many free stuff, every month. You see, not an interesting gamer here, since I don’t invade forums, praising microsoft, and saying thank you for another halo, gears and cod exclusive maps, even when I had to buy 5 x360, as they kept melting and melting, since 2005. No, I won’t say thank you microsoft, for only buying studios and time exclusive dlcs. A guy like me can be sure he will get millions of disagrees, simply because he dares praising Sony, and dares saying microsoft have been S-raping millions of guys since 2005, guys that don’t need any other game, other than cod, halo,forza and gears.those games are all they need, automatically, everything Sony does, even if there are 300000 masterpieces each year, is shit.
          That’s the gaming community many websites, even the most influent ones, like gamespot and ign, have created all these years: blind fanboy machines, who hate Sony.or lensoftruth, another Nazi fanboys machine. All these sites, will always give a 9.5 to x360, and a 9.49999 to ps3. So people get the best version: the x360 one, and more hate and clicks are generated. This is what’s been happening , since 2005. Microsoft’s money, for sure, have a lot of influence. Just watch polygon’s the last of us review. Or watch Forbes nitpicking, and making an article like ‘the last of us isn’t a game of choices’. When hundreds millions of gamers and no gamers are all praising naughty dog title, Forbes, once again, under microsoft influence, are forced to come out with shitty articles like that, where they dig so deep, so deep, and try to find the smallest little detail, and turn it into a huge negative point. Seriously, after far too too too much of this shit, I seriously can’t stand it anymore, whether it’s a blind 12 yo xbot who only plays cod with his buddies, and for whom everything else(anything related to Sony) is shit, whether it’s a website or journalist, who will make a review, talk about 20 negative and 2 positive points, and will still give a 9.8 to the x360 game, and will make the ps3 review, where he will praise the game like no other, will talk about 19 positive and only 1 negative points regarding that game, and the final score will be a 7.5, because, well, the guy didn’t like the main character’s hair, for example.

          You see, man, why comments like mine don’t get 100 agrees? Because I don’t have a single reason to praise microsoft, this generation, while I have many reasons to be happy with what Sony strives to give me, since many decades. And it will just get better and better, next Christmas.

          Once again, sorry, man, if I looked a ‘bit’ upset, OK? Maybe now you understand why.
          Peace 😉

  • Sheldon Prescott

    I’ve had nothing but bad experiences with Earbuds, and the PS4 headset looks like an Earbud. Even if I was buying a PS4, I’d opt for a real headset instead of that.