PS4 Bundles Overshadowing The Xbox One Rally


Despite a rough E3 for Microsoft, the gaming giant has “redeemed” (or what it was supposed to do) themselves by dropping all the DMR and always-on crap. Since their announcement to drop the unneeded features, The Xbox One “Day One” console has reached the number one spot on Amazon. However, Sony only needed one announcement to tell its story – its story explaining why the PS4 is the system to buy this holiday season. In addition, Sony has cleverly brought out the guns early with a variety of options for their gamers, not just One.

Browsing through Amazon you will notice that if you do a search for “Xbox One Bundle” the only bundles you will see, are… you guessed it, PlayStation 4 bundles. Sony was very quick at making PS4 bundles available days after their E3 announcements. Microsoft – not so much. As of today, Sony is offering the following PS4 bundles in addition to their standard systems.

PlayStation 4 Battlefield 4 Launch Day Bundle

PlayStation 4 Watch Dogs Launch Day Bundle

PlayStation 4 Killzone Launch Day Bundle

PlayStation 4 Knack Launch Day Bundle

Microsoft on the other hand is only offering their Day One standard model:

Xbox One Console – Day One Edition

There are currently five PS4 console options in the top 10 via Amazon at the moment and just one Xbox One option. It’s rather odd to see that Microsoft is sticking to only one option and allowing Sony to capitalize on the day one sales.  Perhaps, Microsoft’s bundle plans were ruined by Sony’s agressive PS4 price tag. However, offering some bundle pre-order options now may be a good idea for Microsoft.

  • Darrius

    Bundles add $100 on top of the base console price. That would make all of the Xbox One bundles have a price of $599. At $599 no one would buy them.

    • Fed Up With Conservatives


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