The Ultimate Wii U, PS4, and Xbox One Comparison Chart


Despite the obvious horse power — or should I say the “lack” of horse power the Wii U has under the hood when compared to the PS4 and the new Xbox One, there is something about the Wii U’s features section that gives me the impression that It’s not all about the power or the multimedia capabilities for these consoles. Each console has many unique features and both the PS4 and Xbox One are definitely the future of gaming and multimedia, but the Wii U appears to the perfect console for the novice, yet again. There are no complicated features that the Wii U carries into this next gen, Nintendo is keeping it simple. Take a look at the chart below and let us know what console you prefer this generation. 




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  • Tr3213

    Wii U only WiFi? It has ethernet as well.

  • Trada

    Incorrect and incomplete info. There are other sites with more information…

  • Juanny45

    Info is accurate, what else do you want? The comparison is an out of the box comparison The Wii U does not come with the ethernet adapter out of the box.

  • Fernkr

    I’m planning on buying the PS4, currently have the Wii U. IMO, console wars are over. It’s either you buy one and enjoy its capabilities, or all three if you want to experience something different.

  • MrB4

    For me it’s not really about the specific features, it’s about the games, and I’ll judge each system based on what they have to offer in that department.

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