Pax East 2013: Best of Show

Since I wasn’t really disappointed with any of the games at Pax East this year, I figured it would be better just to go over some of my favorite games from the show floor.

And they are…

Toki Tori 2 TQ

1. Toki Tori 2

Two Tribes has finally decided to release a sequel to their award winning platformer puzzle adventure for the Wii U, and as you can already imagine, passing up on trying this one out was just not going to happen. As soon as the game started up, I fell in love with it. The gameplay was simple and intriguing, and the puzzles required quite a bit of critical thinking in order to complete them. Owners of Nintendo’s latest console will  have something to brag about when the game hits the eShop on April 4th of this year, that;s for sure.

Guacamelee TQ

2. Guacamelee

Quirky, strange, and downright ridiculous is the best way to describe this 2D side scrolling beat em up from Drinkbox Studios. After watching a group of other people play this game and fail at it for almost 20 minutes straight, my time had finally come to play through a level with somebody else ( we finished the stage in one playthrough). The attention to detail with cooperative maneuvers is amazing, and really focuses on people working together in order to get things done. Anybody looking to release some aggression with their friends should definitely consider checking this one out, whenever the developers decide to release it of course.

Major Magnet TQ

3. Major Magnet

The highlight of the entire show for me was the Indie Game Showcase, and Major Magnet, a momentum based touch screen platformer from PagodaWest Games, was easily the most enjoyable title featured in this collection. It almost felt like a Sonic game to me, but one that took place in the air instead of on the ground. Each stage was an exercise in quick reflexes and patience, and focused more on paying attention to your surroundings than just simply moving through them in order to survive. One of the developers I talked to said that it will be only a month or so before this one hits all mobile devices, and hopefully that has already happened, because I cannot wait to check it out.

Ducktales TQ

4. Ducktales Remastered

Even though the Indie Game showcase was my favorite part of Pax East 2013, my favorite game on the show floor is without a doubt Wayforward’s Ducktales Remastered. As soon as I put my hands on the controller, and the headset on my head, I was transported back to my childhood. Hearing all of the original voices, and songs from the series was delightful, the gameplay was exciting, and the overall visual design was downright beautiful. Summer can’t come soon enough people, Woohoo!

Some of the other games I had a great time with include a beat em up featuring a character from one of my favorite franchises ever called Usagi Yojimbo: Way of The Ronin, an unusual physics based game called Super Splatters, Wario’s latest minigame collection entitled Game & Wario, and an unusual exploration title centered around music called Beatbuddy.

Well, that wraps up my coverage of all of the games I played at Pax East 2013. Stay tuned for video footage of some of the other games I got to see right here at