Pax East 2013: Day 1 Wrap Up

What’s up TQ fam, it’s that time once again where I head on over to Boston for this year’s festivities at Pax East 2013. I just wrapped my first day here, and I am completely exhausted to say the least. Let’s take some time now to see just how busy my day was, shall we?

Without any type of agenda to go on, everything was basically a free for all this time around. Of course, being a fan of Nintendo, the first part of my gaming expedition here started with them.  Only got time to play two games there, and they were Game & Wario, and The Wonderful 101. As expected, Wario’s latest title is a minigame collection, but in a strange turn of events, they were games that lasted for a couple of minutes, instead of seconds, at a time. The arrow minigame was fun, and incorporated some nice features between the touch screen and tv.  The skiing game was fun as well, but felt more like a rehash of twister race from NintendoLand than anything else. The Wonderful 101 was enjoyable for the most part. How the developers incorporated each transformation that your group of heroes could perform into the gameplay was interesting, and the gameplay itself was fun as well.

This day wasn’t a Nintendo love fest by any means. In fact, one of the more enjoyable parts of my day was checking out the Indie Game Showcase Booth. The three titles I enjoyed the most were for mobile devices, and they were called Little Chomp, Major Magnet, and Orion’s Forge. Chomp involved moving a caterpillar form the bottom to the top of the screen without dying, and was a fun, yet extremely challenging experience. Magnet felt like Sonic The Hedgehog, but instead of speeding up to gain momentum, the pull of an object is what makes the character move faster throughout stage. Finally, Forge was a critical thinking touch screen puzzler that required you to direct a beam of light towards a goal. All of these were fun in their own, and are all definitely worth checking out.

My day concluded with a visit to some familiar developers to see what new projects they were working. Ska Studios’s beat em up Charlie Murder was by the books for the most part, but still enjoyable. Gentlemen Squid Studios latest title, Rise of the Ravager, was fun shooter that felt reminiscent of Space Invaders. Last, but certainly not least, developer Threaks showed me Beatbuddy, which was a cool game focusing on transporting a character through a world filled of music.

Sadly though, this is where my day came to end. Don’t fret though people, I will be attending the event on Sunday as well, so be on the lookout for more updates from Pax East 2013 right here at

P.S.- Just for fun, here’s the list of games I played today, feel free to ask me questions about them in the comments below.

Game and Wario

Major Magnet

Little Chomp

Time Surfer

Wonderful 101

Charlie Murder

Rise of the Ravager


Orion’s Forge

Third Eye Crime