Let you fingers do the talking, in a platforming way, in Cling!


Hey everybody, just received some info today about a exciting new platformer for ioS devices that goes by the name of Cling!. It was created by a company called First Five Games, and is available now on  the iPhone, iPad, and iPhone Touch for the low price of just $2.99. The concept itself is simple, players take control of a toy named Edgar, and it’s up to them to guide him through various obstacles in a number of different areas by using their fingers to move him from one spot to another. There are 90 different levels to play through, and and a number of different ways to customize your experience through the games Gumdrop Shop as well.

It sounds like a fun concept that could keep gamers occupied for hours at a time. Fans of classic platformers should not hesitate to check it out now, they will not be disappointed.

Here is a trailer that I found for the game, Enjoy!

For more info on the game, visit the developers website here

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