The Best Looking PlayStation 4 Game Revealed

Next generation gaming consoles are just around the corner and Sony has given us a little preview of what’s expected. During the recent PlayStation 4 reveal meeting in New York City, Sony brandished off a number of next-gen games that exposed the power of the new gaming system and the new technical advancements in its games. One game shown at the PS4 meeting definitely left us with that “WOW” effect and reassured us that next-gen gaming was right in front of our eyes. Take a look at the future of gaming and why we think this game had the best graphics during the PS4 reveal and why you should be excited for the PlayStation 4.

Surely, Killzone: Shadow Fall looked incredible as well, but when “Deep Down” was shown at the PS4 event, it really took things to a whole new level. It took it to the Next Generation.

Do you agree that Deep Down was the best looking PS4 game revealed?

  • David

    That was definitely CGI/target render…

    • Osama Quttriyeh

      how come you are so sure it was CGI??!

  • Josh Gordon

    This wasnt in game. This isnt the best looking game. Stupid authors on stupid websites trying to grab hits. The luminous engine looked better then this and that was in game…..

    • Osama Quttriyeh

      what is your prove that this is CGI??!

    • El Jefe

      Josh, it would take an idiot to post idiotic comments. This was gameplay playing on the PS4. Of course some of the zoom facial shots on the video is indeed CGI, but if you actually watch the Sony meeting, they mentioned that this is actually happening on the PS4. Capcom reps have confirm that it is indeed in-game. Read Neogaf. Watch at 1:29 as they specifically say that its running on the PS4.

    • Well. it’s a working title already and Capcom just showing a CG alone would’ve been so stupid. It was clearly mentioned by that Japanese guy, it’s a game engine under development(Panta Rhei) probably running on different PC hardware with PS4 level specs. Luminous engine didn’t top it.

  • Big Gaz

    This couldn’t be done on the Xbox 720 then? Bet it would look ace even on the Wii U.

  • Makun

    Models and lighting. Amazing job! Best ps4 game so far 4 me too.