Nintendo Download of the Week: 2/21 Edition

It’s that time once again to see what’s new in the world of Nintendo Downloads. Apparently today is demo because almost half of what’s available here is for trial purposes only. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for trying out something before buying it, but when close to the entire release schedule is full of  nothing but partial games, that tends to be a little disappointing to me. Let’s take a moment to see if there is a worthwhile, full fledged experience lurking in here somewhere, shall we?

F-Zero TQ

After some careful consideration, my pick for Nintendo Download of the Week is F-Zero for the Wii U VC Service. It has an ESRB rating of E for Everyone, and is currently available for download through the Wii U eShop at the asking price of $0.30. There are a couple of reasons why I picked this game above the rest, one it’s cheap, and two, it’s a classic SNES from my past. If you share those feelings with me then by all means download this title right now (until the 21st of March).

Not up for some futuristic racing action, don’t worry, there are two new Wii U Demos, two new 3DS Download titles, one new 3DS VC title, one new 3DS Retail Download title, and two new 3DS Demos for you to check out. Hunt some dangerous creatures for a limited time when playing the Monster Hunter Ultimate Demo. See what all the buzz is about when you try out the Trine 2: Director’s Cut Demo. Go a dungeon crawler type of adventure in Picdun 2:Witch’s Curse. Defend your home at all costs in Viking Invasion 2- Tower Defense. Help Mario’s little dinosaur friend solve some tricky puzzles in Yoshi.

Just like any other day, one paragraph won’t do, so here we go. Go on a first person RPG quest that you will never forget when playing Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan. See what portable monster hunting is all about when playing  the Monster Hunter Ultimate Demo. Finally, give the blue blur’s attempt at kart racing a shot and try out the Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Demo.

All this and more can be found in the eShop, DSi, Wii, and Wii U Shop Channels right now, have fun!

Here is a trailer that I found for the game, enjoy!