This Is How We Eat: Chocolate Bar

Let’s satisfy those taste buds once again with yet another installment of our popular series entitled This Is How We Eat. If you are unfamiliar with what’s going on here, please refer to our previous articles for more information. Even though I am not the biggest fan of chocolate, a little bit of it every once in a while is not necessarily a bad thing. The place I am going to talk about with you today incorporates this flavor into their dishes in unique, yet extremely tasty ways,  and it goes by the name of Chocolate Bar.

Located right in the heart of Downtown Cleveland, Ohio, this little diamond in the rough has recently become a favorite place for my girlfriend and I to go to when we are in desperate need to satisfy our sweet tooth’s. We usually start off our meal with the chocolate baguette for the appetizer. After scarfing that down, the two of us decide to order the Smokey Grilled Cheese Sandwich, and the Chocolate Bar Pasta (shown above) as our main entrees. By the time I’m done with those, if there is any room left at all,  I order the Ninja Turtle sundae (vanilla and chocolate ice cream, hot fudge, caramel, pecans, and whipped cream) for dessert. Sadly this is where the journey ends though, because after eating all of these delicious dishes, trying to move any part of my body at all is next to impossible to do.

My only real problem with the place is that the desserts are just way too big for one person to finish. Be sure to have a friend along if you decide to go this route, because it is going to take a big effort from both sides in order to get the job done. Other than that though, I have no problems with this place at all whatsoever. Fans of eating delicious food at affordable prices ( $30 for two people, including one appetizer) should definitely consider checking this place out, they will not be disappointed.

If you happen to find yourself  around Ohio, or one of their other locations (Louisville, KY or Buffalo, NY) stop by and have a good time at Chocolate bar, the experience is well worth the price of admission.

Also, if there are any other places that you think we might like to check out, please let us know in the comments below.