Is This The New PlayStation 4 Controller? “SplitShock”

There have been plenty of PlayStation 4 controller concepts going around the web designed according to the controller’s new rumored features. However, until now, there hasn’t been an actual real prototype or final design image floating around. Today Destructoid may have just found new evidence. Take a look at what could possibly be an early prototype of the PlayStation 4 controller.


In addition, vgrevolution claims to have lots of new info from a Sony advertising agency working on the PlayStation 4’s marketing. The controller is being called “SplitShock.” It incorporates PS Move technology and PS Vita touch technology into the PS4 controller with the biggest change being the removal of the two analog sticks. The new controller is also rumored to have 4GB of built-in memory allowing the controller to double as a memory unit as well.

The controller comes equipped with a “SHARE” button. When a consumer presses the “SHARE” button, any files on the SplitShock can be used on another PlayStation 4. If they are a PlayStation Plus subscriber, they can also share full games that are registered to their PSN account. The limit to this is that the files can only be shared within 15 meters of a PlayStation 4 console.

The SplitShock is one inch wider when compared to the DualShock 3.