Unlock or Delete: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance PS3 Demo


Hideo Kojima’s new Metal Gear game, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is just a week away from its US release and while this isn’t your traditional Metal Gear type of game, the demo does show off traditional features mixed with a whole lot of slashing. But is it enough to sell the game?


• Traditional features such as; the traditional Metal Gear communication radio –“codec”, enemy detection alarm, and voice acting definitely make it feel like a traditional Metal Gear game.
• Satisfying slashing
• Lots of action and battles.
• The demo shares enough of the story to make you feel like your killing for a purpose and not just slashing and killing for an unknown reason.
• Nice graphics
• Fast and smooth gameplay


• Some annoying camera angles when in close combat
• The hack and slash button smashing feeling is still there
• Nice graphics (Not the “WOW” effect at any moment during the demo)

Final Demo Verdict:

For those waiting for a new Metal Gear game, keep in mind that while the demo does show off its traditional features, this is a completely fast pace game with frequent battles. (At least from the demo.) The demo was a whole lot of hack and slash, however, getting myself a bit more familiar with the controls and playing the demo a second time through definitely helped my slashing become a lot more precise and satisfying. The demos length was just right, it left me wanting more…(that’s what she said.) In conclusion, I can’t wait to see all this slashing in 3D. Unlocked!

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