Halo 4 Review


Game: Halo 4
Genre: Shooter
System: Xbox 360
Review by: DeAngelo

After years of being blessed with Halo games, a new Halo game created by a completely different developer has been released. Despite the similarities in both studios’ games, there is definitely a distinctive polish in the all new Halo 4 game developed by 343 industries — the game surpasses all expectations imagined.

Story: Halo 3 left of with Master Chief on a ship alone with Cortana. 4 years and 11 months have past and Master Chief makes his much anticipated return. Halo 4’s story is a quick adventure that has Master Chief fighting against the Forerunner force — an ancient race that came before the Covenant, composed of an advanced and complex society. In other words, you will kicking some major forerunner butt to prevent earth from being taken over. In addition, the Covenant does make a return in Halo 4, however, they are not the primary target, there will many 3 way battle encounters through-out the game


Gameplay: Halo 4 feels very smooth, the Master Chief’s movements are impressively above the previous Halo games.  Master Chief is equipped with better armor and abilities, such as; speed, agility, new jet packs, and a robust suit. The game’s difficulty levels are noticeably easier than previous games, however, the game did tend to become a bit frustrating during a few parts of the game. This by all means was not a downfall to the game, it kept me wanting to come back to beat the levels even more the second time around.

Weapons:  There are new weapons throughout Halo 4’s campaign. The traditional weapons are back, but a set of new Foreunner weapons which include; rifles, shotguns, machine guns, pistols, and grenades are introduced. These new weapons hold more ammo than previous weapons in previous Halo games, the weapons themselves look pretty cool, a gravity composed weapon that almost magically puts itself together when equipped.


Armor: Master Chief’s armor is much more robust this time around. It appears to protect a lot more than in previous games.  I did find it much harder to gain points to unlock new armor in Halo 4 — compared to Halo Reach.


Air crafts: The traditional Halo aircrafts have been improved. The pelican, mongoose, warthog, scorpion, and ghost are all back better than ever, improving on aerobatics.

Graphics: Halo 4’s graphics are the best ones I’ve seen thus far. This is by far the best looking Halo ever. Everything from weapons, environments, and characters details surpass all expectations. I found myself starring at the environments quite often, wondering how 343 managed to pumped out this power out of the Xbox 360.


Glitches: I came across one glitch in the game. It happened to be a graphical glitch during one of the missions. It caused some of the environment graphics to disappear.  I was able to fix the issue by restarting that particular mission. ( luckily, it happen early in the mission.)

Sound: The sound was great as expected throughout the game. Action sounds were loud and clear and the voice acting was superb.  I did not experience any technical issues with the sound. (I played it with the standard television speakers.)

Multiplayer: Despite not being able to play on xbox live, I did play local multiplayer with my dad and brother and it’s just as fun and addicting as previous games.

Breakdown: Halo 4 is a great game with over 7 to 8 hours of game play (give or take). This is by far the best looking Halo game in the series and it left me pumped for the next Halo game. If I could, I would give 343 industries an award for making the best Halo game I have ever played.

  • Great review, DeAngelo! I am very proud of you. Keep up the great work!

    • Deangelo

      Thanks dad I think I did good but you did help my spelling and more but I think I really did good I hope you like the review!

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