Nintendo Download of the Week: 1/3 Edition

Hello everybody, welcome to the very first installment of what’s new in the world of Nintendo Downloads for 2013. Apparently the best way to ring in the new year is to do it on the go because everything on offer here today is for handheld devices only. Sorry Wii U owners, you are going to have to wait just a little bit longer to celebrate. Despite this nagging issue, there are definitely a few titles here worth checking out, so let’s find out which game made the cut, shall we?

Gunman Clive TQ

After some careful consideration, my pick for Nintendo Download of the Week is Gunman Clive for the 3DS Download Service. It has an ESRB rating of E10+, and is currently available for download through the eShop at the asking price of $1.99. The reason why I chose this one above the rest was simple, I am a sucker for 2D platformers with unique art styles. If you feel the same way i do then by all means download this title right now.

Not interested in being the hero of the old west, don’t worry, there are still two 3DS Download titles, one new 3DS Retail Download title, two new DSiWare titles, and one new Nintendo Video for you to check out. See what your weapons are capable of when playing Unchained Blades. Enjoy an arcade classic with a three dimensional twist in Air battle Hockey 3D. See if your button mashing skills are still intact when playing Code of Princess. Defend your ship from an oncoming enemy invasion in Galaxy Saver. See what happens when cold weather and extreme sports combine in Snowboard Xtreme. Finally, the new Nintendo Video is a quick year in review presentation entitled Best of 2012.

All this and more can be found in the eShop, DSi, Wii, and Wii U Shop Channels right now, have fun!