Late Night Gamer: Nightsky

Hey everybody, just wanted to take some time before bed to go over something with all of you. Just recently I received a 3DS as a christmas present and, along with a few retail games, also obtained a downloadable points card for the system as well. After scrolling through the eShop for the first time, something interesting caught my eye, a strange little title that goes by the name of Nightsky. It involves a little tiny ball that has to navigate through a series of obstacles in order to survive. Sounds fun right? Well, so far, that answer is a rounding yes from me, but only a few more playthroughs will tell me if this is a quality adventure that was worth the price of admission.

The game basically works like this, you are in control of a small ball, and it’s up to you to navigate through a number of different areas without dying. Along the way a number of different obstacles will try to impede your progress, but don’t worry, the different abilities at the players disposal without a doubt levels out the playing field. These abilities include being able to invert gravity, releasing blocks for bridges and other obstacles to create new pathways to move through, flipping pinball like paddles to reach higher platforms, and so on. Aside from being useful in tough situations, the moves are extremely fun to pull off too, because they can lead to some very humorous occurrences in even the most tense of moments.

What I really dig about the title so far, aside from gameplay, is the overall atmosphere of the in-game world. The black backgrounds and dark skies create a very mellow vibe, and are just as beautiful to look at as they are to navigate through. A very lighthearted soundtrack doesn’t hurt either, in fact if anything, it just engrosses me into this experience even more. Not much else to say here other than I can’t wait to get back to playing this one, but that will have to wait until tomorrow, because right now I am going to bed.

If you are a 3DS owner who has some leftover money to spend in the eShop ($9.99 to be exact), give Nightsky a chance, who knows, you might just might like it.

Here is a video review that I found for the game, enjoy!