Unlock or Delete: Fractured Soul Demo (Nintendo 3DS)

Just got a chance to check out the demo for a 3DS game entitled Fractured Soul recently, and it was actually a whole lot of fun. The demo itself is around 609 or blocks or so, and is currently available for download through the Nintendo eShop. So what did I think of it? Well. despite being an idea that has been explored in games before ( i.e. Chronos Twins for WiiWare), I still had a great time with it for the most part.  Let’s take a moment to go over the highs and low of my experience with this one, shall we?

The Good: Controls are easy to understand for the most part, dual screen mechanic adds a level of critical thinking not usually seen in most platformers nowadays,  the overall visual design and animations are top notch,  and you can play through four different levels, each with their own specific set of challenges.

The Bad: Switching between between two screens can get confusing during tense situations, which can lead a player to cause some unnecessary mistakes.

Final Demo Verdict: Despite being fun, this game has a hefty price tag attached to it ($11.99 to be exact), which may turn some people away. For me though, I would consider downloading the game in a heartbeat, and there’s not much more to it than that.