PlayStation 4 Code Name “Thebes” Release 2014

After a number of rumors have circulated the net regarding the PlayStation 4’s release date, a new one from a Japanese source via a tech site has revealed that the the PS4’s code name is actually “Thebes” and not “Orbis” as previously rumored. No tech specifications for the PS4, however a rumored 28nm is rumored to be powering the PS4 and we can be seeing it as early as Fall of 2014.

check out some of the best looking PS4 concept designs to date.



  • MichaeLM

    I figured this much, 2014 makes much more sense. Although people cry that they need to come out before the xbox 720, I think the PS3 is still going to be around for a long time. It’s powerful enough to satisfy anyone today and for years to come.