Rabbids Land First Impressions

Welcome to the final entry in our multi part series on first impressions of games for Nintendo’s new console, the Wii U. The title that I am going to talk about is another minigame collection from a well known developer, featuring everybody’s favorite crazy hopping creatures, and it goes by the name of Rabbids Land. On paper, this looks like a title that beat another popular franchise to the punch as far as ideas go, but it is still fun to play regardless of being a blatant copy of something else. Let’s take a moment now to see how much fun I’ve had with the game so far, shall we?

Anyone familiar with Mario Party will instantly understand what’s going on here. Four players are spread out across a game board, and whoever collects the most trophies and makes it to the center first wins. The controls are responsive for the most part, the quirky animations of the Rabbids are enjoyable to watch, and the overall presentation is decent, but nothing special. Where things start to become fun is in the different minigames that everybody has to play. Each one pits two players against each other, and requires them to use the Gamepad and Wii Remote controller in fun and unique ways. Have  any interest in playing guitar to make someone else dodge fireballs? Want to help find people on a broken theme park attraction? Have an urge to go on a farming expedition? You can do all of this, and oh so much more.

Overall, my experience with Rabbids Land has been enjoyable up to this point. I cannot see what crazy ideas are lurking around the next corner. That’s all for now, but be on the lookout for more Wii U content,  right here at TQCast.com.