Own Your Own Mech


Games, movies, novels, and pretty much any other form of entertainment always portray the future in similar fashions: apocalyptic, zombie filled, utopian, and of course ROBOTS, ROBOTS, ROBOTS.  It is a cliche that we all dream about but never truly expect.  After all, giant robots don’t seem feasible and seem even less practical.  Yet this dream has come to fruition.

Now available to the public is the Kuratas Robot presented by Suidobashi Heavy Industry.  Yes that is right, it is available for purchase, if you have 1.3 million dollars lying around that is.  Although quite menacing, the developers claimed that it is mostly an art piece, not unlike the latest top of the line car.  The mech comes with machine guns that shoot bb pellets, rocket launchers that shoot fireworks, and has a completely customizable chassis.  You can interchange the head, the arms, add a shield, or even put a bullet proof glass around the cockpit.  Additionally, just to put a cherry on top of all its mechanized glory, paint jobs are included (and because I could not resist the obligatory Batman reference), so yes Mr. Wayne, it comes in black.  Now only if it came with a theme song……actually, yes it does.

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  • El Jefe

    In for one!

  • James

    Now this is cool. Imagine riding this to work? Boss!

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