Monday Savings for the Everyday Gamer: Volume 1

Welcome to the first installment of a new series of articles exclusive to TQ. Being a gamer is tough nowadays, especially with the state our economy is in. Game prices are going up, making it harder for those of us with not much to spend to enjoy our digital experiences. Thankfully there are still developers out there willing to provide us with some quality entertainment at very affordable prices. This is quality gaming on the cheap, this is Monday Savings for the Everyday Gamer.

The first title that we are going to talk about is a free Arcade Kinect adventure that goes by the name of Intel Discovered.  You are basically an up and coming celebrity who has to make a name for themselves by performing well through three different scenarios. These include fighting alongside Chris Evans in an action film, performing as a DJ  with Redfoo from LMFAO at a nightclub, and walking the runway in style with Victoria’s Secret model Chanel Iman. It’s a simple setup that sounds like a recipe for disaster. Thankfully, at least as far as this game is concerned, that is not the case here.

Let’s get the bad things out of the way first. One, despite being fun, your journey will be over before you know it, as all three scenarios only take a half hour or so to complete in total. Second, aside from leaderboards, there is no reason to playthrough everything more than once, because there are no unlockables here whatsoever.

Now on to the good, because I always like ending discussions on a positive note. The Kinect controls are responsive, and are implemented into the gameplay in fun and unique ways. Being able to share movie poster pictures with friends on Facebook is a cool feature too. Last, but certainly not least, it’s free, and gives you a reason to use a motion controlled device without having the hassle of spending money on something that may or may not work in the long run.

If anybody out there is looking for something to do with their Kinect device for a short period of time, you could do a whole lot worse than Intel Discovered, download it now.

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Here is a video that I found for it, Enjoy!