Nintendo Announces Wii Mini – New Smaller Wii

Nintendo is trying the one-two combination against the competition in hopes of sealing the victory this holiday season. With nearly 100 million Wii’s sold world wide, Nintendo of Canada has just unveiled the all new “Wii Mini”. The smaller Wii is coming exclusively to retailers in Canada for the holiday season. Starting December 7, you can buy yourself one of these brand new Wii Mini consoles for $99.99.

While its new design looks stunning, there are a few draw backs to this smaller Wii unit. The Wii Mini will only be allowed to play Wii games, losing the ability to connect to the internet and play GameCube games.


  • Dusk

    Looks decent and I can definitely see this being a hit. I just think $79.99 would have been the sweet spot price.

    • techologie