Nintendo Land First Impressions

After finally getting my hands on a Wii U system i thought it would be fun to share my first thoughts on a few of the games I have played with all of you. The first of these experiences is Nintendo Land, the title that came bundled in with the deluxe console. Just like Wii Sports did for the Wii, this game showcases what the Wii U is capable of. Let’s take some time now to talk about which attractions caught my eye first.

Right out of the gate the first event that my girlfriend and I’s attention was Donkey Kong’s Crash Course. It basically works like this, you have to guide your character, who’s face is implanted on a small two wheeled vehicle, through a large obstacle course to the end, avoiding and interacting with a number of different platforms and obstacles along the way. The tilt controls worked flawlessly, and using the microphone to lift objects up and down was a nice touch as well. Definitely one of the best offerings in the collection so far.

Then comes Mario Chase, which is about as simple as it sounds. Two players take control of Toad and Mario, who each have different objectives to accomplish in order to be successful. The first player has to catch the other before the timer runs out in order to win, and, as you may have already figured out, player two has to stay away as long as possible in order to do the same thing. Gamepad integration on this one is pretty cool because whoever has the gamepad has a view of the entire area, while the person who is viewing the TV has more room to move around. It makes for some very tense moments, and ultimately leads to a conclusion that is incredibly satisfying.

Next is Yoshi’s Fruit Cart. Here the TV screen is filled with a number of different types of fruit for you to collect. The way that this is done is by use of the Gamepad, which requires you to use the stylus pen to draw a path through all of them to a door in order to complete a stage. Think of it like playing a handheld title on a big screen, and it is definitely as fun and creative as it sounds.

Finally comes our absolute favorite attraction up to this point, Luigi’s Ghost Mansion. One person has control of Luigi’s, and they are supposed to find a ghost and capture it. The other person has control of the ghost, and it’s up to them to scare the ambitious ghostbuster in order to keep that event from every seeing the light of day. What makes this one unique is that the person who has the gamepad can see both the ghost and Luigi, while the other person on the TV can only see themselves and nothing else. This another case where tension leads to satisfaction, and I won’t explain it in anymore detail than that,

So far Nintendo Land is an enjoyable, creative, and imaginative title that i have only scratched the surface of. I can’t wait to see what else this game has to offer.