Five Unique Wii Games You Probably Have Never Played

With the Wii U hitting store shelves tomorrow I thought it would be nice to reminisce on a few of the best titles that the system had to offer during it’s lifespan. Instead of reveling in the awesomeness of Mario though, we are going to take a look at some of the less popular experiences that were very fun to play, but didn’t sell well at all whatsoever. Everybody deserves their time in the spotlight, even if no has ever heard of them right? Well let’s find out in a little segment we like to call Five Unique Wii Games You Have Probably Never Played.

1. Madworld

Our first title was already featured in our Flashback Fridays segment, but it is still worthy of mentioning just because of what these developers were able to do with such limited resources. This adventure followed a man named Jack on his brutal, yet extremely exciting quest to rescue somebody while participating in a deadly game known as DeathWatch. The idea that made this game truly stand out from most brawlers was the emphasis on being creative with your kills, they were just as fun to watch as they were to pull off. Despite being incredibly enjoyable to core gamers and critics, overall sales within the casual department were laughable at best, which turned something enjoyable into something nobody knew existed, and that is a shame because moments like these don’t come around all too often, especially on a system like the Wii.

2. Muramasa: The Demon Blade

Number two on the list was also featured in the same segment as Madworld, partly because this was another example of something enjoyable not being appreciated by a large audience. Two warriors, Kisuke and Momohime, are both involved in a war where they have no idea how they got there in the first place, and now each of them must embark on a journey to find answers and save their world before it’s too late. Simplistic, yet entirely deep and enjoyable hack and slash action was a big selling point for this one. To put it bluntly, it was mindless fun for all ages.  Now I don’t have exact sales figures here, but could a sign of a product not selling well be having only one person reserving a copy at their local Gamestop? I’ll leave you to answer that one on your own.

3. Deadly Creatures

Yes, even a popular company like THQ can create a product that doesn’t sell well, and this one of them. The story here revolves around two treasure hunters, Struggs and Wade, on their quest to find gold in the Sonoran desert, and has you seeing it through the eyes of a Tarantula and Scorpion. What made the game unique was the cinematic moments of combat between these two creatures, and it was, pardon my pun here, deadly to say the least. It was a unique premise not for the faint of heart, or stomach for that matter, which could have been the reason why not many people decide to check the title out. Hey, phobias can work in mysterious ways sometimes, even in the digital world.

4. Cursed Mountain

As some of you may already know, a poor selling title can lead to studios closing down, which could have been the reason why nobody ever really knew about this one. Eric Simmons and his brother Frank are hiking through the himalayas, on a mountain named Chomolonzo, in search of an artifact called the Terma. Their journey has upset the goddess of the mountain, who has decided to place a curse on the place, and now our friends are caught in a world of trouble that may not be able to get out of.  A major selling point here was a survival horror like atmosphere that was meant to be more of a scary than gory experience for those who played it. Apparently people do not enjoy genuine fright as much as violence though, because sales were about as scarce as the population of a zombie riddled wasteland, and by that I mean non existent.

5. Trauma Center Second Opinion

Last, but certainly not least, our final entry in the series is a personal favorite of the head honcho here at TQ, and is also the only Wii title I have ever heard him rave on and on about. Doctors Derek Stiles and Nozomi Weaver are not your everyday surgeons, as they are able to perform the most difficult operations in even the most dramatic of situations. What made this game truly special was its precise control for almost every single step of the surgical process, which in turn made being a doctor an enjoyable, but still entirely disgusting job. Just like Deadly Creatures, I am sure the reason why this one did not sell well was for people’s interpretation of the source material, and their ability to prevent themselves from losing their lunch too.

So there you have it everybody, a list of quality Wii adventures made by people  who tried to think outside of the box in order to be successful, but met their impending doom in the worst ways possible. The reason why these things happen is because whenever I have heard people complain about a lack of core experiences on the system, all of them turn a blind eye when the good games come out. If these contradictions didn’t occur so often, maybe I wouldn’t be here. As it stands though, not giving something a chance makes all the difference in the world, and it’s up to us to make sure creativity doesn’t take a backseat to good ideas.

  • Dear Writer of this horrible article. Five Unique titles we probably never heard of or played? Are you fucking high? We’ve all played these.

  • Excellent list! I have to try Cursed mountain! Sounds like a game right up my alley.

  • Ferny

    That Marumasa game sounds awesome. I always thought the Wii had great games, but I just learned of a few new ones I never played. Cursed mountain indeed looks like an Alan Wake type of game. Im checking these out.

  • Jacob

    Mad World is a badass game. That’s a must play on the Wii or your Wii U.

  • Memei

    I played 2 out of this list, mad world and Muramasa. Both incredible and surprisingly incredible looking games.

  • I played most of these games apart from Muramasa. They’re all awesome and deserve a place in everyone’s home.