Sony Cleverly Transforms the Dual Shock 3 into a Vita (Video)

I have mentioned the idea of the PS Vita as a PS3/PS4 controller in the past to a few of my colleagues — and while the idea of making the PlayStation Vita into a PS3 or PS4 game pad is probably not Sony’s near future plans, the idea is definitely not that crazy. Have you held a PS Vita? Doesn’t it feel right in your hands? Can’t you imagine some of the games that would support a Wii U like style of gameplay using the Vita? There is an obvious difference in both size and comfort ability, but if I can easily sit on my bus ride to work for an hour without any problems, I can definitely use my Vita as a PS3/PS4 controller. Take a look at how Sony cleverly transforms the Dual Shock 3 into a Vita below.

  • Jim Layhe

    what does this have to do with anything?