Late Night Gamer: Key & Peele

There is something that I would like to share with all of you before the night is out. Now for the most part Comedy Centrals selection of quality shows is rather limited, with only a limited amount of them provide any entertainment value at all whatsoever. Quite a few new entries into the networks lineup tend to fail within the first week, but there are still a few out there worth checking out. One of these new programs is a sketch comedy show called Key & Peele. At first this may just seem like a typical half hour of jokes you’ve heard over and over again, but underneath the surface here lurks some of the most genuine bits I’ve seen from a group of performers in quite some time.

Here is a quick overview of what this show is all about. Former MadTV performers Keegan Michael Key and Jordan Peele come out on stage and start a discussion on a variety of topics involving politics, race, religion, popular culture, and so on. After a couple of minutes of talking, they present a sketch relating to what they were talking about.  The process is repeated a few more times until the entire half hour comes to a close, and then people have to wait another to see  them do it all over again.

What makes everything work here is the timing and chemistry between the two lead performers. Everything these guys do feels natural and real, which makes you appreciate each skit that much more in the long run. Some of my favorite scenes include two typical guys trying to call their girlfriends the b word, but trying to avoid being around them as much as possible while doing it. Another one is a scenario straight out of a zombie survival movie, but one where the zombies avoid attacking people of any race other than their own. By far my most favorite is President Obama’s anger translator Luther, he is just messed up, that’s all I can say about that.

If you are looking for something just to kick back and relax to, Key & Peele will definitely fill that void and then some. Check out all new episodes every Wednesday at 10:30 pm Eastern/ 9:30 pm Central time on Comedy Central.

P.S.- Here is a video I found of the show, Enjoy! Please note that it contains strong language, so viewer discretion is advised.