Unlock or Delete: Jeopardy Demo (Xbox 360)

Jeopardy TQ

Took some time today to check out the demo for Jeopardy, and it was pretty much what I expected from a game show title, decent, but nothing special. The demo itself is around 750 MB or so, and is currently available for download on Xbox Live. So what did I think of it? Well, while there were some interesting aspects thrown in here and there to make the gameplay more interesting, everything else is mediocre to say the least. Let’s take some time now to go over the highs and lows of my time with the game, shall we?

The Good: Using avatar like characters adds a cute vibe to the proceedings, having answers to choose from instead of trying to figure them out on your own was a nice addition, you get to play through an entire game of Jeopardy,  customizable outfits makes the bland surroundings easier to deal with.

The Bad: Cannot try online mode, aside from players the rest of the presentation is bland and lifeless, you can only choose from two rows of questions instead of all of them, the demo is extremely short, and should only take you about 5 minutes or so to complete.

Final Demo Verdict: Kind of torn here because while the title isn’t bad by any means, it’s still something I wouldn’t recommend buying. A rental at best, but nothing more.

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