Dokuro for PS Vita: Launch Trailer Revealed – Out Today!

For those looking for a new experience on your PlayStation Vita, you may want to check out, Dokuro. Dokuro may look like a pretty straight forward 2D side-scrolling puzzler, but there are some great features that separate, Dokuro from other handheld games: Escort the princess from point A to point B. You push a few boxes around, toggle a switch or two, and bash a few bozos who try to hurt your precious princess. As you progress through the treacherous castle, you are gradually introduced to new concepts and abilities, such as using the spicy-red chalk to transfer fires and toggling the amazing anti-gravity device to solve vexing gravity-defying riddles.

Take a look at the launch trailer below. Enjoy!

Dokuro is out today on PS Vita via PSN for $19.99

You can read more about the game via [PS blog]