This Is How We Eat: The Melting Pot

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Welcome to another installment of that savory segment we like to call This Is How We Eat. If you are unfamiliar with what’s going on here, please refer to our previous articles for more information. Cheese is by far a product I consume almost on a daily basis, so talking about a restaurant that serves large portions of it to you is obviously going to happen. Today we are going to take a look at a place that specializes in this, and so many more types of fondue created cuisine, The Melting Pot.

Established in 1975 in Maitland, Florida, this do it yourself restaurant has become one of  my girlfriend and I’s favorite places to go when we are celebrating special occassions. We usually start off every meal with some cheddar cheese fondue, and delve into that savory concoction with some bread, apples, and vegetables. Then we order the Filet Mignon as our entree, and select the mojo cooking style for cooking our meat and potatoes. To end things off in style, we order the Chocolate S’mores fondue for desert, and by this part in the journey our enjoyment comes to an end, primarily because our stomachs are just about ready to burst out of our pants at this point, but it’s worth it believe me.

The main issue I have with this place is how expensive it is. Just for two people, one appetizer, entree, and desert choice will cost around 80 dollars or so when everything is said and done. Now some of you may say “for two people, it’s not that bad”, well, when you are working on a tight budget, every penny counts, so be careful of what choices you make, because they could have a big effect on the bill by the end of your meal. Aside from my little gripe, this is still a place worth checking out.

If you happen to find a location near you, stop by and have a good time at The Melting Pot, the experience is well worth the price of admission.

Also, if there are any other places that you think we might like to check out, please let us know in the comments below.

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