Unlock or Delete: NBA 2K13 Demo (Xbox 360)

Got a chance to check out the NBA 2K13 Demo the other day and to be perfectly honest with you, it felt like a carbon copy of last years game. The demo itself is around 943 MB or so, and is currently available for download on Xbox Live. So what did I think of it? Well, there was really nothing about the title that makes it out stand from the rest of the entries in this series whatsoever. Let’s take some time now to go over the highs and lows of my time with the game, shall we?

The Good: Overall presentation is solid, controls are responsive for the most part, new maneuvers add a slight element of strategy to the gameplay, demo can be played both offline and online.

The Bad: Player animations can be a little rigid at times, no commentary takes away the excitement of what’s happening on the court,  aside from new control features almost everything feels exactly the same as before.

The Ugly: You can play through only one quarter of a game, which makes the demo an extremely short lived experience for those who decide to play it.

Final Demo Verdict: A disappointing first look at one of my favorite sports titles is going to lead me to pass on this one for now.

  • real basketball fan

    Just played the full game and I can’t believe I’m saying this because I rode the hype train from when they announced Iverson’s return, but this game needs so many updates and patches. Its gameplay is fixed from last year but that says more about how bad last year was than anything else. features in 2k13 are terrible aside from one mode that has little to do with any thing that is real and actually taken place in the NBA or its history. Legend teams is a broken feature this year you can’t play quick match online with them and certain stars and KEY role players are missing. Allen Iverson looks like he just got back from china in his face his hair is missing a third french braid (so he looks like Pippy long stockings w only to braids down the side of his head and none down the middle and his Accessories are not accurate. If you don’t plan on throwing your life completely into my career then your in for a big surprise this year because the games details are non existent. .