All PlayStation All-Stars Fighters Revealed


PlayStation Blog’s Sid Shuman announced that all PlayStation All-Stars fighters are official. Keep in mind that there may also be hidden characters and of course, future DLC.

Here is the launch lineup:

  1. Big Daddy
  2. Cole MacGrath
  3. Evil Cole MacGrath
  4. Colonel Radec
  5. Dante
  6. Fat Princess
  7. Heihachi Mishima
  8. Jak and Daxter
  9. Kratos
  10. Nariko
  11. Nathan Drake
  12. PaRappa the Rapper
  13. Raiden
  14. Ratchet and Clank
  15. Sackboy
  16. Sir Daniel Fortesque
  17. Sly Cooper
  18. Spike
  19. Sweet Tooth
  20. Toro


[via ign]

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