Unlock or Delete: Sleeping Dogs Demo (Xbox 360)

Got a chance to check out the Sleeping Dogs Demo recently and, despite my hesitation towards open world sandbox games, I had an enjoyable experience with this one. The demo itself is around 1.90 GB or so, and is currently available for download on Xbox Live(not sure about PSN). So what did I think of it? Well, to be honest with you, this could easily be one of the most critically acclaimed titles to come out this year. Let’s take some time now to go over the highs and lows of my time with the game, shall we?

The Good: The overall visual presentation and art style is downright amazing. Voice acting is emotional and believable. Controls for fighting and shooting work extremely well.  You are given two different scenarios to play through. Everything moves along at a solid framerate with only minimal hiccups here and there.

The Bad: Sometimes characters pass through each other. The demo is extremely short as well, and only took me about 15 minutes or so to complete.

Final Demo Verdict: Anybody up for an elaborate open world adventure should consider buying this game as soon as possible, enough said.

  • monkey blood

    how can u unlock an demo game

  • monkey blood

    for an xbox 360