Flashback Fridays: Twisted Metal Black

It’s that time once again to take a look into our past with a little segment that we like to call Flashback Fridays. For those of you who are unfamiliar with what’s going on here, please refer to previous articles for more information. Today we are going to take a look at something that was just as undeniably gruesome as it was fun. The title that I am referring to is a car combat experience unlike any other, Twisted Metal Black.

The year was 2001, I was still in high school, and a new wave of video game systems were just starting to release in stores all over the world. One of these consoles went by the name of Playstation 2 (which released just the year before), and while I wanted one really bad, it was just something my parents couldn’t afford to buy for me at the time. Did that stop me from playing it? Of course not, because when in doubt, ask a friend to help you out. A buddy of mine had already received it as a gift for Christmas, and as luck would have it, he invited me over his house to try it out. One of the first games he showed me was Twisted Metal Black,  a car combat game that had me instantly hooked from the minute my hands touched the controller to play it, and here’s why.

The setup alone had me intrigued right off the bat. A crazy guy by the name of Calypso is running a  car based contest in which the winner will be able to make one wish for anything that they desire. So who does he try to lure into this sea of madness? Why people from a mental institution of course.  Not having much of a choice, most of the people in this place take the guy up on his offer, and decide to set out on a quest in hopes of changing their lives for the better, but in all honesty, that just isn’t going to happen. Gameplay centers  around basic shooter combat involving vehicles of all different shapes and sizes. While this sounds simple on the surface, the amount of challenge included here is definitely something that won’t be soon forgotten.

So what are my personal thoughts on the game? Well, it’s a classic that still holds up to this very day.  People could praise this title for it’s fluent controls and challenging gameplay, but for me, my favorite aspect of the whole experience is the storytelling. Each character has a unique and interesting background tale that really shows just how disturbing and messed up they really are, and I absolutely love that. Combine that with a solid audio and visual presentation (which included one of my favorite songs ever, Paint it Black by the Rolling Stones), and you have one of the best examples of  what a system like the PS2 is truly capable of.

Twisted Metal Black is quite possibly one of the most over the top and gruesome games of all time, and is definitely something people with a unique sense of style running through their veins should consider checking out.

That concludes my story on Twisted Metal Black, but if you have any fond memories of this game please feel free to share them with us in the comments below.

Here is a video showing off just how cool a person’s story can be in this game, Enjoy!

Warning: Due to violent content, viewer discretion is advised