Unlock or Delete: Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes Demo (Xbox 360)

Just got the chance to check out the Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes Demo today, and in all honesty, it really wasn’t all that bad. The demo is around 1.09 GB or so, and is currently available for download on the Xbox 360. So what did I think of it? Well, there are enough changes in this sequel that may just make the game worth picking up. Let’s take some time now to see what has changed, shall we?

The Good: Voice acting is finally present in a Lego related title. New powerups like the Sensor Suit (Batman), and the Acrobat Suit (Robin) add some much needed variety to the gameplay. Controls are extremely simple to understand. Character animations are over the top and hilarious .

The Bad: While voice overs are a welcome addition, the dialogue itself is downright cheesy. Aside from new powerups, not much else has changed as far as gameplay is concerned. Frame rate can get a little choppy when a lot of things are happening onscreen. The demo is short, and will only take about 15 minutes or so to complete.

Final Demo Verdict: Kind of torn here, not really interested in buying the game, but it could end up being a fun weekend rental though. I think I may just give this title a chance.