Indie Game Showcase: Crystal Skies

Welcome to another installment of the Indie Game Showcase. If you are unfamiliar with what’s going on here, please refer to previous articles for more information.The game that we are going to talk about today is called Crystal Skies, a rotating platforming adventure title made by Starquail Games. Upon first glance this may seem like a ripoff from the emerald levels in the old sonic games, but in all honesty there is enough on offer here to differentiate one from the other. Let’s take some time now and see what else this title has to offer shall we?

Bubbles was a fish just like any other, happily floating around his bowl and just enjoying life to it’s fullest. One day everything came to a screeching halt, and his owner decided there was nothing else to do other than flush him down the toilet and move on with life. The gameplay tends to center around moving from one end of a rotating level to the other, and collecting a certain amount of coins in order to open up a portal to move on to the next stage. Obviously, other obstacles such as spikes, fire pits, and specific colored gates will also get in your way to make things as difficult as possible. Thankfully, all you need to do is jump over everything in order to survive.

My favorite aspect of this game is how simple it is play, but how challenging it is to master. Most of the time survival depends on quick thinking and even faster reflexes in order to get things done. Usually just jumping at the right moment will keep you alive, but every so often the title throws something different at the player to change things up. This concept adds plenty of variety to the gameplay to keep boredom to a minimum, and also makes an old idea feel fresh again as well.

Despite how much fun I had here, my experience was not a walk in the park by any means. The rotating screen would sometimes move in such a way that my character would fall onto a spike and die, which in turn would make me have to start from the beginning all over again. Other than that though, I didn’t really have any problems with this game at all whatsoever, except that there was really no reason to come back once everything was said and done. Still, for the low price of only $1 (80 MSP), this downloadable experience is definitely worth your time.

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